Aravinda Bolar is today an acknowledged name in the Tulu stage and flick business. Bolar who had a great desire to be a performer since infantile relished fancy dress during his school days and even won much applause for his performances. His acting job began when he endorsed some roles in Yakshagana.

So far, he has performed in over 100 dramas and seven flicks and has an experience bridging over three eras. His entry in the Tulu acting field initially, he got chance to put on the best acts in some plays at the shrine at Police Lane. Afterward, he got an opening in the Gadinadu Kalavidaru team guided by Sukumar Bekal. He was part of a production led by Jagan Pawar. Later, in 1993 he came into connection with Devadas Kapikad DevadasKapikad is a south Indian theatre actor, vo >> Read More... Devadas Kapikad and was part of his squad for several years. Famous as a humorist he involved himself in the roles of a comedian. But still, performing in a theatre is harder than in a movie.

In a play, he needs to be flawless as there’s no repeat as in flicks and one cannot fix his own mistakes in a theater. Moreover, a movie is shot in different viewpoints, while in plays that’s not the condition. His other interests apart from performing are lettering stories which are adjustable to plays and pictures. He prepared a script and made inscribing his hobby.

Bolar’s stimulating factor that helped him to become an actor is mainly his household, his spouse, brothers, and mom for all the reassurance they have given to him. Initially, hisma had opposed when he bagged roles in Yakshagana. However, as he grew up, no one complained, and the drama itself has been the bread and butter of his household. Apart from a comedian, other roles that he likes are backup roles and bringing in some variations that the people can relate. People want to see him in comedic characters.

At the same time, he has successfully portrayed roles of supporting artists and has even accepted female characters. He has even acted in some tv serial programs. He has frolicked the role of Deyi Baidethi’s dad in Koti Chennaya series. It is a heart-breaking role. He sends a message to Tulu theatre lovers saying that their co-operation and support of audiences is a must if Tulu play and yakshagana has to continue. Every household in Tulunad should inspire its progenies to watch Tulu dramas. The benefaction of the audiences is the blessings to an entertainer. We have numerous professional companies here, and Tuluvas need to assist all the performers.