Devadas Kanakala

Other names of Devadas Kanakala: Devadasu kanakala

Devadas Kanakala is a popular Telugu film and TV artist, and became popular for doing hit films like the 1974 Telugu film, O seta Katha and the 1976 Telugu films, Siri Siri Muvva and Mangalyaniki Maromudi. He studied acting in one of the film school in Pune. He performed in 1979 Telugu film, Gorintaku, Manchu Pallaki in 1982, and then he acted in Okka Magadu, Mee Aayana Jagratha, Criminal and a lot more. He also directed and performed in TV serials and won various awards for his good acting skill.

He was married to Lakshmi Devi and together, they both run the Film and Television Institute of Andhra Pradesh for aspiring actors. As of the present, this Institute has already produced various actors and one of them is the Indian film actor, Allari Naresh. Devadas mother has a great passion with novels, that’s why he was called as Devadas. He is the father of Tollywood actor, Rajiv Kanakala and daughter, Srilakshmi Kanakala. Rajiv is married to Indian TV anchor, Suma Kanakala.