Anbariv Tamil Actor
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The secret recipe to make any action movie memorable is having proper action directors to make fight sequences. Action choreography, much like dancing, is art and if not handled correctly, it could lead to the action being choppy, unstructured, unrealistic, and plain tedious to watch. However, if done correctly, It could lead to a surge of emotions from the audience towards the protagonist of the movie and can instill a sense of heroism in them. One such director who makes amazing action sequence is, Anbariv. Hailing from Kerala, Anbariv comes from the land of action. The Kollywood industry, as we all know, is rich in action; placing a lot of emphasis on fighting scenes.. This is where stunt directors and choreographers, such as Anbariv thrive.

The South Indian director has always been passionate about cinema and movies and by following his calling, he has found his niche choreographing fights! He revealed in a tell-all interview recently that he used to skip tuition classes to attend his boxing training as a child and even hated sitting in front of television screens and therefore chose to indulge himself in gymnastics. It is an irrefutable fact that a hero of any movie is established not by what he does on screen, but what reception he gets from his audience. The way a fighter is portrayed on screen, that is, as someone facing insurmountable odds against a hoard of villains, getting outmatched in number, receiving a lot of punishment, and still coming out on top by vanquishing the antagonist, is what makes the viewers hoot in cinema halls! It is this ingredient that has made actors like the South-Indian Acting God Rajinikanth, so famous.

It is an art to tell a story through action and add meaning to the movie. Stunt directors are an integral part of of cinema.. Some famous movies Anbariv has worked in are, O Teri, Darling, 24, and Madras, to name a few. In fact, the number of films Anbariv has worked in is north of 75! He’s worked on films of multiple languages as well; a proud feat for an action director. His latest flick, Kabali that featured Rajinikanth was a massive box office hit and his action sequences in that flick even bagged him a nomination for the SIIMA Award for Best Fight Choreographer.

It was unfortunate though that he didn’t manage to win it, since his work in that movie was magic in motion! In an interview, Anbariv (who works in tandem with his brother Arivu on occasions) said that “every day is a risk to their life of them”, and that is exactly what he finds so exciting and exhilarating. The fact that they risk their lives without any insurance or safety is what makes his work worth doing for them. The risk-taker brothers have been in this industry for over a decade now and want to stay in it for the foreseeable future! Even though they do not receive as much recognition as actors, directors, or even supporting cast, these action directors are the backbone of any movie. And without these unsung heroes, no movie would be the same.