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Madhu Sri Tamil Actress

Madhu Sri

Madhu Sri is a Tamil actress who has been appearing in movies since early 2010. Her movie, 'Vazhi Vidu Kanne Vazhi Vidu', was released in December 2011. She made her debut in this movie, which was produced by M. Gowrishankar under the banner, MGS Productions. The film was directed by S. G. Ali Khan and M. G. Shankar. In the same year, she signed another movie called 'Nee Vara Vendum', which was directed by S. G. Ali Khan under the Almighty Creations banner. In this movie, she was almost a new face along with other actors. In the year 2012, she has been associated again with another Tamil movie called ‘Poorvakudi’. In this movie, she was casted opposite actor ‘Eshwar’, and the movie was directed by ‘Ibrahim’. Under the GK banner, she was casted in a movie called 'Theni Mavattam', which had an assembled cast of stars such as G. K., Varsha, Niranjan, Nirosha, Aishwarya, and Mahadeva. The film was directed by Gow Marimuthu. The actress has thus appeared in a couple of small banner movies, which were told in a traditional village set-up. The actress was given mostly village belle roles and she played the character of a village damsel in the movies that she has appeared in. She played the lead role in ‘Nee Varavendum’, and managed to spell her charm on the audience. The actress has remained an ultimate choice for an actress for new production banners and thus, she managed to gain some spotlight in Kollywood. With no godfather in the industry, Madhu Sri fetched some family based roles that would suit the taste of rural audiences. She was not an exact glam doll or showpiece in the industry, but always wanted a movie that would have some solid plots and would narrate some basic theme for the viewers. Although her movies were not successful, she was a new face in the early 2010s, and has remained in the limelight for a while now.