Anna Reshma Rajan

Other names of Anna Reshma Rajan: Anna Rajan

Anna Reshma Rajan is an Indian movie actress who performs in Malayalam flicks. She made her entrance in 2017, with the movie Angamaly Diaries. Before portraying in pictures, she labored as a nurse in Aluva, Kerala. Anna Rajan comes from Aluva in Kerala. She functioned as a nurse in RajagiriInfirmary in Kochi before entering in flicks. She was recognized by creator Vijay Babu and manager Lijo Jose Pellissery after observing her face in a billboard in Kerala.

They insisted her to give an interview for the part of Lichy in Angamaly Diaries. Including her, the movie presented 86 debuting performers. In the flick, she accredited Reshma Rajan. After that, she chose to get recognized as Anna Rajan. Her second picture was the Lal Jose managerial Velipadinte Pusthakam (2017), in which she was featured opposite to Mohanlal. She speaks about contracting on the spotted line for the first time.

She was one amid the many who emerged in a signpost all over Kerala. Lijooccurredto sees the advertisement and thought the actress was appropriate for the character. Zeroing in on her was a simple task, but getting in touch, Reshma proved to be very hard. Several tried to find her number but proved useless still someone notified that she was a nurse laboring in Rajagiri.

Reshma jokes that the creator Vijay Babu joked that they were scheming to hold a recognition parade of all the nurses at the infirmary to find her. Uninformed of the chase going on, Reshma was following her visions of a nursing job overseas and planning to remain there with her household like what most nurses desire to. But then her life altered with that solo interview. Reshma also faced some disapproval from home, as most of her family members settled overseas, and her household too sought the same thing. It was the assistance of her acquaintances that drove Reshma to take a chance and appear at the interview and then sign for the movie.

She was reasonably nervous and anxious on the first day of her shoot about which she clarifies that she went to the film set with only three verses ringing in her ears — start, camera, and cut. When the first scene was approved, Reshma saw it as a positive sign paired with the initial shot recorded in a cathedral. Lijo happened to be very helpful and calm, and Reshma praises him with utmost patience. Reshma says that since the complete cast was fresh, they were all compassionate of each other. Lichi and Reshma share a lot of resemblances except, as Reshma jokes about the drinking part. Though a lot of proposals are coming her way, Reshma is taking her time to choose.

Arthi Venkatesh Tamil Actress

Arthi Venkatesh

Arthi Venkatesh is an Indian model and performer who has appeared in Tamil and Malayalam flicks. After performing for numerous advertisements, interviews, and portfolios in the late 2000s, she made her performing entrance through Bejoy Nambiar's multilingual movie Solo (2017). Arthi Venkatesh happens to belongs from a Telugu conservative household from Hyderabad, Telangana. Born and brought up in Chennai. She advanced in visual interaction from Loyola University, Chennai and practiced a course in interior house sketch from Bangalore. She is wedded to the Indian cricketer Anirudha Srikkanth. The filming of Bejoy Nambiar's Malayalam and Tamil multilingual Solo started off with high spirits. While he's having the facts of the flick under censorships, he only told that the model Arthi Venkatesh would be giving her drama entrance with the Dulquer Salmaan starter. The filmmaker told that Arthi is a part of the flick and portrays Dulquer's love interest in it. There was a previously done a look assessment for another movie, but that didn't happen. So, when this picture transpired, the director contacted her again. Arthi has already bagged a few fractions in the first schedule of the picture, which recorded in Athirappilly and Kochi. Bejoy also told that she's not the only female lead in the movie and he explained that there are five leading performers and Arthi is one of them. He doesn't want to disclose much about the other eccentricities. Rumors have been widespread that the picture will be a trial undertaking. However, the Wazir manager rejects them and says that It's an ordinary movie that is made to influence the people. When he’s thinking of creating a Malayalam flick, he wants it to be full of suspense and thrilling scenes that make the audience jump to the edge of their seats. Just because it's something new, it doesn't mean it's a trial picture. Solo will have a dreamy track as well as exciting elements to keep the spectators involved, he ensures. Dulquer's role is also something that he has not endeavored before explains Bejoy. The picture is currently getting recorded in Malayalam and Tamil, a dare, the director says, he wasn't too sensitive to repeat since the Hindi-Tamil fluent David. He told himself he wouldn't be doing it again, but he thinks Solo has the potential to appeal to the spectators in both dialects. Also, the director has a cast of different backup individuals for both the styles say Bejoy. The movie's second timetable is anticipated to start by December end, and it will also have a program in Le and Ladakh or Shimla.


Sunu Lakshmi

Sunu Lakshmi is Tamil film industry actress and model. She is best known for movie Aramm in 2017. This movie was directed by Gopi Nainar. She was born on 27 October 1991. Her nickname is kukku and Zera. Her hometown is Ernakulam, Kochi. She has studied at Annamalai University. She has done many movies including ‘Sirithal Rasipen’ in 2009, ‘Touring Talkies’ in 2015 and ‘Saavi’ in 2018. Her latest released movie was ‘Dharavi’ in 2018, and it was directed by Pavithran. In 2006, she did her acting debut from the Telefilm ‘Shakunam’. This film was directed by Biju Chandran on Doordarshan. Another Version of this Bio... Sunu Lakshmi is a famous young actress from Kerala, born on 27 October 1991 at Ernakulam. She does movies mainly in Malayalam and in Tamil. This young actress did her schooling from Seventh-day Adventist and holds a degree from a private college. The actress, who has been training under Thara Kalyan for more than a decade, says her expertise in dance has helped her a lot. “I'm basically a dancer who is also into stage shows. I can do all varieties of dance be it classic or contemporary. In films, you might need Kathak steps for a sequence and salsa for other. If you are comfortable with the dance forms it saves a lot of time. You don't have to go for retake after retake”, she adds. At the age of 13, she appeared in some musical channels. Sunu Lakshmi started her career from childhood with the serial ‘Kadamattathu Kathanar.’ She even appeared in the film ‘Shakunam’ Doordarshan. She made her silver screen debut in the year 2009 with a Tamil movie ‘Sirithen Rasithen’ which was directed by Chandrasekhar. Her known films are, Paisa, Sengathu Bhoomiyile and Eppodhum Vendral. She also made her presence in Snehamulloral Koodeyullappol, Thavamindri Kidaitha Varame and Soodhu Vadhu. Sunu even acted in Touring Talkies as a village belle in a love story which was the comeback movie of Vijay's father, S.A. Chandrasekhar after three years and Chandrasekhar had announced that, it would be his farewell movie. Where as the music for this was done by Maestro Ilayaraja. This actress tells that, Sengathu Bhoomiyile directed by M. Rathnakumar is close to her heart for few reasons. In the film, which was done at rural TamilNadu, Sunu Lakshmi played Jayakodi, a village belle. Ilayaraja liked her work so much that he gifted her a new song.“ And the person behind recommending Sunu Lakshmi to become an actress was Meera Jasmine’s manager. Though this actress is busy in Kollywood, she wants to be a civil servant and to direct movies. Not oly dancing but Sunu also does choreography and fashion designing too. She even designed some costumes for few films. Sunu even opinions that, as she looks like a girl from Tamil Nadu she is getting more offers from Tamil film industry. Even this actress is acting with Nayanthara in the movie named Aramm, which is going to be screened in the coming days. She has a couple of movies which are about to release, and hopefully, she is looking for a great career ahead.

Sunu Lakshmi Tamil Actress