Tarun Shatriya

Other names of Tarun Shatriya: Suleel Kumar

Sulile Kumar better known by the stage name Tarun Shatriya, is an actor in Indian Cinema who has made his appearance in Tamil and Kannada films. Hailing from Ambur in Vellore District, Tarun went to Bangalore at a young age. He pursued a one-year diploma course in acting at Abhinaya Tharanga Theatre School in Bangalore, during which he was a part of several stages and street plays across Karnataka. He is proficient in Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. He did his debut by acting in a supporting role in a Tamil action film, Kaalai (2008), directed by Tarun Gopi. It was Tarun Gopi who gave him a new stage name, Tarun Shatriya.

He has portrayed antagonistic roles in Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum (2009), Nagaram (2010), Aanmai Thavarael (2011) and Markandeyan (2011). He has done the lead role in the romantic comedy, Padam Parthu Kaadhal Sol (2012). His other movies include Tamil mystery drama film, Thagaraaru (2013) and Kannada movie, Marikondavaru (2015). In 2017, Kumar decided to re-use his original name and he is the antagonist in the upcoming Tamil horror-thriller film, Dora directed by Dass Ramasamy and Ameer Sultan's period drama, Santhana Devan. He has directed a short film titled, The Broken Tide, with him playing the lead along with Samyukta Hornad. The short film revolves around a couple, that is on the verge of getting divorced. It was one of the very few Tamil films to be picked up and screened during the Bengaluru International Film Festival.