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Major Sundarrajan Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 1 March 1935

Lived For 67 Years

Major Sundarrajan - (Movie Actor)

Pon Radhakrishnan Tamil Politician
Born: 1 March 1952

Age Now 72

Pon Radhakrishnan - (Politician)

M K Stalin Tamil Politician
Born: 1 March 1953

Age Now 71

M K Stalin - (Politician)

KPY Bala Tamil Comedian
Born: 1 March 1995

Age Now 29

KPY Bala - (Comedian)

Mohana Kanan Tamil Supporting Actor
Born: 1 March 1991

Age Now 33

Mohana Kanan - (Supporting Actor)


Srikanth Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 28 February 1979

Age Now 45

Srikanth - (Movie Actor)

Praveen Antony Tamil Editor
Born: 28 February 1990

Age Now 34

Praveen Antony - (Editor)


Lyricists Are Best Known For Incorporating Feelings Into Beautifully Sentenced Words

Lyricists are best known for incorporating feelings into beautifully sentenced words. They need to ensure the piece is purely original and not copied from other sources. He needs to have a broad mind to create one. Their work is to write a soulful lyrics and submit it to the music composers so that they can put the wording and create great music altogether. They get very creative with their works and sensitive as well.

Lyricists are very ambitious and remain focused on their own artistic works. They usually roam everywhere to get inspired and start writing. They are very concentrated on their lyrics to make it better.

They work very hard on every piece they write. A lyricist indirectly connects with the people’s emotions such as they can either make people laugh or cry, which totally depends on their mood and on their work which they wrote. Some of them are even masters of this field; they write the piece by adding some required musical aspects as well.

They have a unique way of looking into lives and putting them in words, and later it gets formulated into a song which is heard and loved by millions of hearts.