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Mohamad Issack Tamil Actor

Mohamad Issack

Your academic aspects are never the barriers to achieving your passion. The studies might support and contribute to your success. But there is nothing wrong in going a different way to fulfill all your dreams. It is your life, and it is up to you whether to go with what you study or to go in a unique way to win your passions. Here is the perfect example of such kind who chose a different steam to carve his career, and do miracles out of it. He is Mohamad Issack. Mohamad Issack is unique because he studied engineering, and now became a director. He is a graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He studied at Pondicherry Engineering College from 2000 to 2004 and came out with first class. After 2004, he worked as an assistant director for a documentary and then tried his luck in the cinema industry. He also contributed his hand for a one minute flick. After a continuous struggle for his career in the film industry, Mohamad Issack decided to become a director himself. With his very first movie itself, he made news UN all the three states, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and the respective film industries. Mohamad Issack first cinema planned in 2014. The crew titled it as Agadam. He made this debut flick in the Tamil language. The different aspect about this film is that, the director, producer, actors, and the other cast and crew are the new members. Unfortunately, the team had a bitter experience after the release of the cinema. The flick got more than required promotion because of the unique thing they had done before the film started producing. The cast and the crew made it a point to shoot the movie without any cut. They tried it and succeeded. Taking one hundred and twenty-three minutes, they shot the entire movie. Breaking the Guinness Book Record of the Russian movie Russian Ark, Agadam made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records as the longest uncut film. This record gave a tremendous promotion to the flick. The audience too eagerly waited for the release and rushed for the theaters. But the reviews gave a negative. Some even stated that the curiosity the film rose on the people is in no relation to the quality of the movie. Others too opined that the director tried with the psychological suspense thriller, and it almost looks similar to the Karthik Subburaj's hit flick Pizza. Then he released a Telugu movie Seesa, the Tamil remake of Agadam, which starred Shivaji, Namrata, etc. It release in the March of 2016 but got reasonable responses. The team is also planning to release the film in Hindi and Kannada.