K Shantharam

Other names of K Shantharam: K R Shantharam

K Shantharam was a Kannada director and actor. He succumbed to his illness on 29th May 2016 at the age of 68 at Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore. He worked in more than fifty films and was most well known for directing the award-winning film, 'Marali Goodige'. His screenplay and dialogue writing were his trademark. Shantharam was from the Chikkaballapura district in Karnataka. His wife's name is Shaila and his brother's name is K. R. Muralikrishna, who is a Kannada film producer. He used to perform at the theatre before he joined the Kannada cinema industry. Shantharam’s first movie was 'Kanneshwara Rama', a Kannada political drama directed by, M. S. Sathyu in 1977. Ananth Nag, Shabana Azami and Amol Palekar were the main stars. The film garnered good reviews, and was featured at both national and international film festivals.

In 1978, Shantharam worked in K. Balachander’s, 'Thappida Thala' which was simultaneously made in Kannada and Tamil. 'Thappida Thala' was renamed 'Thappu Thalangal' in Tamil and can be considered Shantharam’s first Tamil movie. Shantharam won the state award for Best Supporting Actor category for 'Thappida Thala'. The film starred superstar Rajinikanth with whom Shantharam would act again in 'Murattukaalai' in 1980, which grossed the highest box office for Rajinikanth at the time. In 1979, Y. R. Swamy’s Kannada film Savathiya Neralu brought Shantharam fame. In the same year, he acted and was the associate director under Ramesh-Shivaram for the movie ' Madhu Chandra'. Shantharam worked under some of the most prolific directors of the Kannada cinema industry like T.S. Ranga, M. S. Sathyu, K. Balachander and many others.

He also wrote dialogues for two of director S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu’s top ranked films, 'Hoovu Hannu' in 1993 and 'Mahakshatriya' in 1994. Shantharam’s Marali Goodige won the Karanataka State Film Awards 1984-85 under the Third Best Film Category. Marali Goodige was the very first film he had directed. The film released in 1984, was based on Smt. Aryambha Pattabi’s story also called Marali Goodige. This Kannada film starred Roopa, Poornima, Kalyan Kumar and Jai Jagadeesh in leading roles. He also directed 'Hrudayasamrajya' in 1989, 'Bala Nauke' in 1987 and 'Karnana Sampathu' in 2005; and also wrote the screenplay and the story of these three movies. He also wrote the dialogues for 'Hrudayasamrajya'. Ambreesh received accolades for his role in 'Karnana Sampathu'.

Kathir Director Tamil Actor

Kathir Director

Kathir is a renowned Tamil film director, who has also done a fair bit of screenwriting and production work. He is a veteran of the Tamil film industry, having made his directorial debut in 1991. He has written every film that he’s directed and his films have been generally well received by fans and audiences alike. Born in a small village to a farming household, Kathir attended a variety of schools before he graduated. He completed his graduation from the College of Fine Arts and Crafts in Chennai, eventually earning a diploma in that field. In 1991, he wrote the script for as well as directed ‘Idhayam’. The film, which is set in a medical college and talks about a shy boy and how he cannot confess his love for a girl, was a massive hit for that time period and was even considered a standard bearer for romantic Tamil films. His next work came in 1993. The movie was titled ‘Uzhavan’ and it is a heart-wrenching story about a farmer who cannot find love before the death of his mother, whose last wish is to see her son happily married. The film was given positive reviews. He then worked on and released a movie named Kadhal Desam, a movie revolving around a college love triangle that was easily his biggest hit till that point. Not only did it do well at the box office, it was also loved by critics. It was dubbed and released in Telegu, where it again did good box office numbers; however, the Hindi version of the film didn’t do so well. Kathir then took on a more contemporary topic in his next film Kadhalar Dhinam. The story revolves around a couple that begins seeing each other then problems arise in their relationship when the male starts having doubts. Once again, the film did wonders at the box office and was a critical success as well. There was no such luck with his next venture, Kadhal Virus, a movie that also saw him venture into production for the first time. The love triangle theme brought little success this time as the film was panned by critics and did bad box office numbers. After a number of ventures that failed to take off due to reasons often beyond his control, he made his debut in Kannada cinema earlier this year with the film Nan Love Track.