Ann Sheethal

Other names of Ann Sheethal: Ann Sheetal

With her house at Kochi, Ann Sheetal, who performed in Prithviraj's Ezra will be the lady protagonist in the untitled film. Ann played a valuable part in the flick, which is a tale that occurs in Fort Kochi. The shoot will commence in May. In the meantime, Ann, who has received a lot of admiration for her character in Ezra, is happy. She’s joyful to bag a film next to Dulquer Salmaan in such an initial phase of her journey in the Hindi Flick Industry. She takes acting very sincerely and wants to demonstrate her determination.

Ann who did a drama curriculum in Mumbai, says, though she was receiving proposals for movies while undergoing her graduation in Kochi, she determined to wait till the actress was assertive enough to confront the arc lights. She got the offer for Ezra during the final semester of her drama course. The flick will be shot in Pondicherry and Fort Kochi and will have Lal, Chemban Vinod, Renji Panicker enacting pivotal roles. The newcomer decided at a very young age, always fascinated by cinemas and sought to know more about it, but not once did she expect that she would face the lens one day! Though the artist began to get proposals while she was in university, her parents suggested that she should complete her studies.

She also believed that she should study before taking it up for work, and that’s when the newbie chose to join Barry John. She got the suggestions while she was just concluding her course and was more than pleased to be a part of such a distinguished group. The actresses first experience was very frightening although she had taken drama lessons, things appeared different when it came to work. At the acting workshop, people are comfy within their colleague group. But on the sets, she was with a band who were already specialists in the subject.

So, she had her embarrassments, but they made her feel very relaxed, and once she started, the artist liked the experience. The performer didn’t give it too much thinking. The trainees are continuously guided at the acting institute, that they must always think of the individual as a part of the narrative. So, to her, she was just a person that the actress had to depict. She feels blessed to get such good break and to labor with such a delightful team.

Anu Antony

21-year-old Annu Antony is on an elevation in her career. The youthful artistis lounging in the achievement of her unveiling film "Aanandam" a Malayalam site artist which was the launching platform for seven new performers. For Annu, who portrayed Devooty (Devaki), a confident yet doubtful college person, her venture into movies still feels a bit illusory. She was a student at Christ College, Bengaluru when some people suddenly come there for interviews. Shedid not have any idea about it, Christ College is large, and students don't get to know part of the events that happen. That day, she bunked an hour of the period and went to the girls boarding house to sleep for an hour. On her way, she saw four individuals who appeared out of place –as there were university rules that one should be uniform and guidelineslike boyscan't have facial hair,etc. So, she gazed at them, and they gaped back at her. Some individuals will understand Devooty's personality. Only some persons will get to identify her real nature. Every person in the picture has a past, present-day and a future – her manager, told the crew to generate a history for the personalities so they can act in the present with all the information in mind. Her household was unwilling when the actress chose to become an artist. She didn't suppose her parents to agree to her wish to perform. They were very understanding. But when she first enquired them if she can act in apicture, they said, no as the main problem was that they were considering what others will say. She’s from an old-fashioned family, there's this specific church group who were like, cinemas are not a pleasant area for lassies, made her parents reluctant. But the time when "Aanandam" came was right. She’d just ended her degree, and she was questioning if she should do her post-graduation or perform the flick. The artist told them that she sought to take a break and that she desired to act in the picture. They knew that she has a great curiosity in acting. In school, the performer used to join in performances, rhyme recitaland so on. They told her that this should be the actresses first and the last film. And now amazingly, her parentages altered. They say If she gets decent cinemas, with subjects like this then she can work in one or two shows like that. Going forward, she’d like to do cinemas where her personality is dissimilar from Annu and Devooty! She was more or less frolicking herself in Aanandam, so the actress wants to do flicks where she has to act.The artist wants to know if she can do that if the performer able to, and if people like her, she has so many queries.Therefore, she concludes that she’ll continue to do pictures.

Anu Antony Malayalam Actress