Hari Narayanan Hari Narayana is a film director by profession. He >> Read More... Hari Narayanan is a Tamil and a Malayali song lyricist. It is hard to find a native Malayali who has never heard any music composition or song made by this famous lyricist. They are very fond of his music and almost hear him regularly. The most popular and famous Malayalam music and song of 2014 was composed and written by Hari. The name of the song was Olenjali Curuvi. The lyrics of the song were so touching and soothing that it captured the attention of not only the young generation, but also the old people couldn’t resist themselves from loving this composition. Even the song Kaatumooliyo Pranayam was a great hit.

But this song was restricted to youngsters and teenagers only. His lyrics are a great hit always. The year 2015 saw great success in his career. His songs filled the TV station telecasts, radio stations, theatres, and live telecasts. Those songs belonged to the films released at that time like Oru Second Class Yathra, Chirakodinja Kinavukal Click to look into! >> Read More... Chirakodinja Kinavukal and many more hit movies. All the songs that he had written and composed in those films topped the song chart of the year and received nationwide praise as well. But Hari refused to take all the credit upon himself and dedicated his success to the success of those films that he has composed songs in and the music directors and composers with whom he has worked in those movies.

While receiving the Kerala Film Critics Award, in his speech he thanked to all the effort that many people put in to make those songs such a great hit, after his debut film Thriller, and probably 2015 was his best year because he received so much praise for his songs and also got four prestigious awards. Hari thinks that to become a famous and successful song composer and lyricist, one has to think from the actor’s perspective. He has to consider himself as the actor and analyze the feelings, the emotions that the actor will go through the song before actually writing it, and this is the basic ingredient in his songs which makes them such a great hit.

But Hari has considered to take rest for one year because he feels that travelling with the team and constantly working has hampered his writing ability, and he wants some free time for himself to write some new lyrics which would again top the charts. In the break which he has taken from work, he mainly focuses on writing new lyrics, and reading plenty of books. He wants to recreate those days when he was happy to see most of the songs that he has written or composed are present in weekly top ten list.