Action-packed actress ‘Ayesha’ is from Sandalwood (Kannada film industry). Though she starred in Kannada films, she is not from Karnataka. Hailing from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, Ayesha is famous for a few Kannada, as well as Telugu movies. She has a very strong and attractive physique that made her entry into the film industries very special.

Ayesha says that she is trained in Karate from the age of one and that she has mastered the art of Karate. She has secured the black belt in Karate, and she used to challenge the boys and men during training. Her toned and muscular physique is what makes her apart from the regular actresses.

Ayesha made her debut film, 'Jayahe', with Jai Akash from Sandalwood, in 2010. The plot of this movie is associated with the struggle in life to find her father. However, Jayahe couldn't appeal to the Kannada audience. Later, she made a new film, 'Onake Obavva', with Deepak in Kannada. Being a revenge story, it attracted the audience to some extent. 'Lady Bruce Lee', her next film, again with Jai Akash, in 2011, was a Telugu film. It had drawn the people's attention because of its action-oriented story.

'Chennamma IPS' is the most remarkable and well-remembered movie in her career. It hit the screens in 2011 in Sandalwood. This story is about an honest cop. She plays the role of an Assistant Commissioner of Police who is harshly treated at the beginning of the movie. The story is about how she converts the negativity and tries to regain the command and control in the city. Sometimes, critics say that this movie is the remake of the well-known Telugu actress Vijayashanti's ‘Vyjayanthi IPS’. Vyjayanthi IPS was a courageous film by Vijayashanti in the 1980's in Telugu. Critics also opined that Ayesha managed to reach the level of Vijayashanti in her acting and ferociousness in the character.

Another notable film includes 'Bhairavi', in 2013. She gained great craze in Sandalwood as Lady Bruce Lee.

B Jaya

B. Jaya is a highly respected and veteran actress of the Indian film industry and worked essentially in South Indian films. This well known actress was born in the year 1944. She has to her credit almost 200 films and is believed to be working for almost over four decades now. She is believed to have started her career when she was very young with her role in the movie Dashavathara which saw its release on 26th of October 1960. This movie was directed by P.G Mohan and had Rajkumar and Udaykumar as the actors in the lead role.Before doing this movie, she had made her appearance in movies already as she introduced herself in the industry as a child artist. She worked in the movie Bhartha Prahallada, which was a Kannada film as a child actor. She has always been attached to the world of acting and pursued her passion for acting by working in theaters and stage shows. After one such stage show, she was noticed by the Mother of Kannada cinema, Pandari Bai. According to Jaya, the films these days largely lack the essence of true humor and the content in comedy today has seen a huge downfall. She has been blessed to have got an opportunity to work with a number of widely known and talented comedians of her times, Narasimharaju, Balakrishnan etc are among them. She accepted that she is a fairly short height but that never let her deter from her passion. Jaya said that her height cannot hide the fact that she is an extremely talented actress and height isn’t the parameter that she should be judged on. She has several laurels to her name. She received the award for the Best Supporting Actress in 2004-2005 for Gowdru which is a movie in the Kannad cinema. She is also honored with the award from the Nataka Academy for her immense contribution and talent as an actress of Indian film industry.

B Jaya Kannada Actress