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Kunigal Ramanath

Kunigal Ramnath was a Kannada actor who was well known for his work in Ranganayaki and Prana Snehitha. He was born in March Karnataka. He acted in several movies starring next to Dr. Rajkumar. He got married and he was a father of two children. He died on 1 February 2016 in Adichunchungiri at age of 83. He worked as an actor in more than 100 movies and always did his work with perfection. He made his debut in Kannada film industry as a supporting actor in Baala Bandhana. A Kannada family drama directed by Peketi Shivaram, starring Dr. Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Sampath, Kunigal Ramnath, and many more. This movie was based on the story of a mother who was lying on her death bed, when her old friend promises to take care of our daughter. He also acted in “Devaru Kotta Thangi”, directed by K S L Swamy, starring Dr. Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Srinath, Kunigal Ramnath, B V Radha and many more. After “Devaru Kotta Thangi”, Kunigal Ramnath acted in “Sipayi Ramu”, directed by Y.R. Swamy, starring Dr. Rajkumar, M. Leelavathi, Aarthi, K.S. Ashwath, Kunigal Ramnath, Vajramuni, and many more. Kunigal Ramnath worked with Dr. Rajkumar in many movies, which was well known as Annaavru and also many prominent directors such as H R Bhargava and Y R Swamy. He after playing supporting roles, finally got a chance to act as a main role in “Rnganayki”, a family drama directed by S R Puttanna Kanagal, starring Aarthi, Ashok, Ambareesh, Rajanand, Kunigal Ramnath, Ramakrishna, Chaapathi, Srhrinagar Nagaraj, and many more. He also played supporting in “Saptapadi”, directed by, Saptapadi, starring Ambareesh, Rupini, Kunigal Ramnath, Sudha Rani, K S Ashwath, and many more. He worked as a lead actor in “Prana Snehitha”, directed by H R Bhargava, starring Shankar Nag, Ramakrishna, Bhavya, Kunigal Ramnath, Thara, Sudheer, and many more. He was known as a versatile actor as he did each and every role with perfection, no matter if it was the role of supporting actor or lead actor. He gained huge fan following after his work in “Rangnayki.” He always loved his work and did it with full dedication and perfection. The last movie that he did was “Samimilana”, a family drama released on 18th April 1994, directed by H.R.Bhargava, starring Kunigal Ramnath, Shashi Kumar, Shruti, K.S.Ashwath, Sudheer, Satyajit, and many more. Then he retired from film industry but stood as an inspiration for many young actors.

Kunigal Ramanath Kannada Actor