Shahood Alvi is a Pakistani TV Artist, Producer, and a Director, who was born on 29th May, 1973 in Multan, Pakistan. From the year 1996, Shahood was working in the TV serials. Alvi started his work in the area of TV as a sound mixing assistant. Shahood was acting in numerous of TV channel’s movies and serials. Shahood’s sincere acting was made him a well-liked and popular face in some different productions. And the versatility of Alvi has frequently highly praised for playing the comic role also to his serious roles. He at first joined the film industry consecutively to make a quantity of immediate money, and Alvi not at all in reality is considering to acting as his serious work. He is married to Saima, and he is a father of 3 children named Areeja Shahood, Sajal Shahood and Areeba Shahood. Shahood was coming into view as somewhat a well-known name for the habitual viewers of television. Alvi is a complete package of a compelling combination of good looks, talent, and enthusiasm. Shahood is an artist who was for all time established that it doesn’t matter whatever be the role he has to play; he handle it with ease. For the duration, in the year 2010, the month of March, Shahood visit the University of Karachi. In Karachi Alvi was facing an attack from the female scholar of university due to his role in negative appearance in serial- Bol Meri Machli. Following the everyday Nayi Baat, Shahood was trying to make sure the scholars that his role was not relating to his real life. On the other hand, later than tasting the success, Alvi took for his work more sincerely and rapidly became a well-liked face. Shahood is also a brand representative of the Hair Club; it is a famous Pakistani centre for transplantation of hair.