Saraansh Verma

Other names of Saraansh Verma: Saransh
Saraansh Verma Hindi Actor
It is quite rare that an actor gains such wide popularity acting in a single serial only and that too not really in the lead role. However, such has been the case of Saraansh Verma, the chubby faced, curly haired youngest brother in the comedy serial, “ Chidiya Ghar Chidiya Ghar is an Indian Hindi Entertainment Come >> Read More... Chidiya Ghar ” being aired since November 2011. Its popularity continues unabated and it is still having a glorious run on SAB TV on weekday evenings. Portraying the role of Kapi, the youngest of the three brothers of the highly moralistic Kesari Narayan family, he has won over the hearts of the followers of this serial through his innocent antics and mannerisms, almost creating a soft corner for him when he faces the tough situations either with his brothers or the strict disciplinarian professor father of his.
There seems to be a continuing interest in the serial as each group of episodes are based on some famous proverb and its moral – the moral becoming clear through the incidents that take place in the episode. Kapi and his brothers as well as the other members of the extended family come to realize at the end, in a tragic-comic manner, the lessons learnt. The events of the serial seem to be following Saraansh Verma even in real life too, but in a totally reverse way. While in the serial he was at one time really struggling to get his screen dad’s concurrence for his lady love, in his real life he could manage to get his parents’ blessings for his wedding with his childhood friend Anamika without any hassles.
One of the reasons for the great star following this lad from UP could garner for himself is the fact that he is totally devoted to his work, and does not spare any effort to make each episode a success. It is reported that prior to the shooting of a dance number in one of the episodes, he had developed a severe neck strain, but he did not give up and insisted that the shot should go through, albeit with a neck collar added in, courtesy the script writer’s last moment innovation!