Birthday: 09-07-1954
Age: 65
Star sign: Leo

Firdous Jamal is a renowned personality in the mediums of theater, radio, TV, and film. He is an icon promoting art and culture in Pakistan who is considered to be an academy himself. He has been serving Pakistan media over 40 years and over the years he has produced a number of dramas, commercials, and documentaries for the small screen. In movies, he has 30 years of experience, and perhaps that is why he has been recognized as ‘Voice of Millennium’ from Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC). He has won the best actor award 4 times for PBC and had been nominated in the best actor category for eight times. The highest honor that he has been awarded is ‘Pride of Performance 1986 National Award’ presented by President of Pakistan. The actor has not turned to silver screen over a decade. The last film that he had acted was 'Kanwara Baap'. Since films are not very success in Pakistan, then he quit acting and continued to engage himself in theater and dramas. Being a renowned film, TV, and theater person, he has some failures too in his career. He even tried to turn into a singer but failed miserably. He had no plans to become an actor. But fate had something else written for him. He joined radio. Later, he worked in theater for a long time. He even gave audition for TV plays and entered TV medium finally. He appeared for the first time in a drama, "Budnamee They Toway". Today, he has to his credit 300 television plays in Urdu, Pushto, Hindko, and Punjabi, 150 stage plays, 200 radio programmes and plays, and 50 films in Urdu, Even some of his old plays such as ‘Sayeeban Sheeshay Ka’, ‘Man Chale Ka Sauda’, ‘Mehboob’, ‘Pagal Ahmeq Bewakoof’ are still remembered by today’s generation. He is the most seasoned actors that Pakistan drama industry had ever produced. He was born on June 9, 1954, in Lahore, Pakistan.

Gaurav Mukesh

Gaurav Mukesh is a popular television actor, who is well known for his role in 'Suhani Si Ek Ladki'. He is from a traditional Jain family in which, the boys are supposed to marry at their age of 22 and start to do their family businesses. But Gaurav Mukesh does not want to do so. He is a passionate actor and hence, he pleaded with his father to allow him to pursue his dreams and after getting his permission, he visited Indore and became a Radio Jockey. Then he visited Mumbai to get a chance to act in the films. He struggled for his life in Mumbai for nearly two years without the help of his family. He went for many auditions and did not get succeeded. He had a message from his home, mentioning getting home soon, as his father was severely suffering from a heart attack. Till his father returned to normal position, he stayed at home and looked afterhis father. Soon after the recovery of his father, he got his permission to visit Mumbai just for two days. Nearly five years after his struggle, he got the opportunity to act in the series 'Suhani Si Ek Ladki'. At first, he was provided with a friend role. But seeing his acting, the series producers made him to act in one among the main roles. Gaurav Mukesh managed to shape himself to the character. He trained himself well with the slang for the character he undertook. His favourite place in Mumbai is the Beach. He is a family attached person. He loves to be with the family and likes to celebrate his special moments with them. His positive attitude made him to get his heart melting career. He is a music lover, he loves to hear old movie songs. Gaurav Mukesh moves friendly with everyone in his sets. He responds well to his fans that follow him on the social websites.

Gaurav Mukesh Hindi Actor