Annamalai Palaniappan is an Indian TV actor who owns the company banner, Screen Studios. He studied M.Sc. Visual Communication at SRM Arts and Science College(Chennai) and as part of his curriculum; he did film review, documentary, short films and music album. He also studied International English Language Testing System or the IELTS. He knows Western Dance and has performed in several stage shows. He also studied Theater Play Acting Course in KPP (Koothu - P – Patarai.

Annamalai called acting as science as it can be researched, learn, taught and he feels that he can experiment on it and make it perfect. Since childhood, he started to love the cinema industry. So when he finished studying, he realized that he has more talent in the cinema and he decided to start his very own distribution company on June 3, 2009 after a series of ups and downs. He became famous when he entered the Film Distributing industry after choosing successful movies for two years. He chooses good movies under his own distributing company that is based in Chennai and has been one of the prominent movie distributors in India. Screen Studios releases some of the well-known movies like World War Z, MIB3, Aaranya Kaandam, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Karate Kid and a lot more.

He appeared in the Tamil TV series, 'Then Nilavu' on Sun TV and played the role of Suchu. He was also in the film, 'Vaalmiki' under the direction of Mr. Anantha Narayanan.