Akash Ahuja is an Indian actor. He has appeared in various short-films and TV shows over the recent years. With the advent of multiple channels, both on television and internet there is a wealth of variety that is creeping into serial production. Gone is the multiplicity of saas-bahu serials that dominated TV in the earlier days. The new generation of producers and directors are not only trying out new themes and new techniques but paving the way for a lot of fresh talent. One such young talent happens to be Akash Ahuja, a young lad with roots to a remote town in India. Not only have the opportunities increased tremendously, but there is also an increase in the number of people in the audience, who are willing to appreciate the new trends that they see both on the small and big screens. Akash showed inkling towards the arts early in his life, while in school and college, although while in school he was just average in studies. However, he did exhibit determination when he became a topper in his college life, so much so that he could even wrangle an opportunity to graduate from, and obtain a doctorate in Physical Therapy from the United States. However, along with his higher studies, he also became quite serious about his acting skills, taking acting lessons during his stint in the US.

Being fully equipped and confident of his skills, he took up acting seriously around 2013, and went on to act in several short films and plays as well as a full length feature film. Many of the characters that he portrayed cropped up in discussions quite often, whenever films and plays were the topic of discussion in his circle. The encouragement that he received only made him more devoted and keen to chart out a career in show business. It was, therefore, no surprise that in his “desi” avatar the roles that he enacted, like the young “ Samar Click to look into! >> Read More... Samar ” in the 2014 Channel V serial ‘’ and the subsequent role of “Saif” in the Zee TV production ‘ Qubool Hai Qubool Hai is an Indian TV opera soap regarding th >> Read More... Qubool Hai ’ in its Season 3 episodes, were creditable ones. Portraying a Muslim character in ‘Qubool Hai’ was in many ways different from the role of “Samar” in his first serial, and Akash gained additional mileage due to the intention of the makers of the serial to make his entry coincide with an unexpected twist in the story line.

Although he has now entered the popularity rankings with his appearances in high profile serials, Aakash would not like to give up the serious side of his acting and direction skills that came to prominence through his productions for YouTube like “Act Now, India” in 2013, short productions like “Don't Shoot the Angel” and “Midnight Call” both of which he created in 2011.