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Rakesh Pujara

Rakesh Pujara is an Indian actor. He is often seen in negative roles in the Indian cinema. He has done over 80 films in his career in the Indian film industry. He mainly works in the Gujarati cinema. He came from a middle-class background with no actors around him. At the age of 20, he used to work in a bank, but he always wanted to be an actor. Another actor named Shri Natubhai Umtya shifted near his locality, Rakesh went to meet him and expressed his dream to be an actor. Rakesh auditioned for him, and Natubhai loved his skills and talent. He encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Rakesh Pujara has played short roles in many films. Even years after his struggle in the industry, he continues to play supporting roles. In the year 2014, he was seen in a role in the movie ‘Whisky is Risky’. Directed by debutant Dhaval Patel, it was a Gujarati drama that released on the 4th of April in the year 2014. It was produced by Rameshbhai Patel and had a cast of Gujarati actors like Nimrit Vaishnav, Rakesh Poojara, Shalaka Shiroya, Raju Barot, etc. in lead roles. The plot of the story is about six individuals living largely different lives but their paths cross together because of a single incident. The flick managed to earn about INR 10 million. Rakesh Pookjaara plays the lead role of Vishnu Desai in the flick who is one of the six main individuals. Another film that Rakesh was noticed in was ‘Bezubaan Ishq’. It was a Hindi romantic film which was produced by Dinesh Likhiya and C. J. Gadara. Director Jashwant Gangani casted stars Sneha Ullal, Mugdha Godse and Nishant in the lead roles. The film was released to the theaters on the 3rd of July in the year 2015. The film blends Indian and Western lifestyle into NRI lives and shows the lives of three individuals. The three of them have entirely different personalities and values. How they deal with the different situations due to the personality differences is what the film comprises of. It eventually becomes a love triangle between the three leads. Rakesh Pujara played a small role in the film.

Rakesh Pujara Hindi Actor