Gurumayum Bonny is a singer and an acting artist from India. Originating from the state of Manipur in India, he mostly acts in Manipuri movies.

He was born on the 27th of May. His birthplace is the capital of Manipur, Imphal. He has been famous for his role in Shumang Lilas, before he initialized his film career. ‘Shumang’ means courtyard, and ‘Lila’ means a play or performance. Thus, the term Shumang Lila means a performance which takes place in a large open ground. This culture sprung up mainly in Assam and West Bengal, but it is gaining fame increasingly in other parts of India too. Some of the Shumang Lilas he has contributed in are Kunti 6 or ‘Mihatpung’, Aruba Echeel, Opium War, ‘ Pizza Click to look into! >> Read More... Pizza ’, and Amamba Lambee. These are the most popular ones he was a part of.

His parents belonged to the acting field too. This fact must have served as an inspiration to Gurumayum Bonny to take up acting too. They were stage drama artists with the MDU (Manipur Dramatic Association). Lanmei Thambi was the very first film done by him. He worked as the antagonist of the motion picture. Renowned actors such as Abenao Elangbam and Rajkumar Kaiku Rajkumar Kaiku is a Manipuri actor. His real name >> Read More... Rajkumar Kaiku acted in Lanmei Thambi, along with Gurumayum Bonny. He received a lot of fame for the movie, Yaiskulgi Pakhang Angaoba. He plays the character of a man named Yo Sanatombi in the motion picture. VDF Thasana was another successful motion picture in which he spent time acting. It was a home production as his relative produced the film. He played the role of a person named Thasana in the lead role.

Other successful movies in which he was an actor were Chow Chow Momo na haobara Shingju Bora na oinambara, Amamba Sayon, and Delhi Mellei. He played the role of Tomthin in Delhi Mellei. The story develops around a young lady named Mellei, who travels to the capital of our country, New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi , for further studies. However, she gets into various problems. Beragee Bomb was another one of his movies in which he played the protagonist named Manibabu. It was a Manipuri film, which released to the public in 2013.

Gurumayum Bonny got married to the Manipuri actress called ‘Motibala’. For his extraordinary work in Yaiskulgi Pakhang Angaoba, he bagged the award in the category of Best Actor at the 2013 Manipur State Film Festival. The audience and critics alike appreciated the role of Yo Sanatombi, which he played in this film.