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Tashu Kaushik

Tashu Kaushik is a very familiar face in the Indian film industry. She has done movies in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil. She was born in Uttar Pradesh, but later on, moved with her family to Mumbai. This bubbly girl was an all-around achiever who actively participates in every activity. Apart from the fact that she had excelled in her academics, she has been able to free a whole rack for her co- curricular achievements. She started her career as a stage choreographer. From stage to stage, Tashu grew and reached even higher heights. In a way, she thanks, these stages for giving her the opportunity to appear on the big screen. Being an actress, living a life of glitz and glam, is any girl’s dream come true. And Tashu was the lucky, talented, hardworking one that got to land up on this dream reality. She debuted in Ram Gopal Varma’s film “Darwaaza Bandh Rakho”. In the film that was released in the year 2006, Tashu played the role of Sheeba. She had done some advertisements before she got the opportunity in Ram Gopal Varma’s film. Tashu is an extremely versatile actress who is flexible enough to do opposite characters at once. In one film, she’s playing the role of a glamorous model. And so, her appearance, attitude and the way she delivers the dialogues all go in sync with this glamorous model. At the same time, she also undertook another project in which she got to play a more reserved and homely character. A role that is opposite to her “glamorous model” role. Tashu is well able to balance both these roles together without doing any harm to either of the roles. She is also an ambitious girl, who tries hard to reach her goal. Presently, her goal is to become a filmmaker, to direct a film within the next ten years. And she sure is working hard to make her dream become a reality.

Tashu Kaushik Hindi Actress