Poonam Dasgupta Hindi Actress
Poonam Dasgupta is a renowned Indian actress of the Bollywood industry packed with courage and determination, this small town girl was first seen in a Malayali movie “Rosa I Love You”. Her performance in this movie gave her opportunity to work on two more Malayali projects which were “Aalasyam”, 1990 and “Eagle”, 1991. Best thing about both of the movies were, Poonam was seen in the lead roles where she played the character of Latha in Eagle.

After completing her Malayali projects Poonam, signed contract with director Anil Pandit Anil Pandit is an Indian actor and also a writer w >> Read More... Anil Pandit for a new Bollywood project Rani Hindustani. This movie was released on 1995 where Poonam played the role of Julie. This movie was an action thriller based on the story of a naïve girl Ganga and her mother, describing the struggles that come on their way.

Soon by the beginning of 2000, Poonam decided to retire from the film industry. But, by the end of 2001 she made her ultimate comeback in the movie Begum Sahiba where she was working opposite Rahul Roy Rahul Roy is a well-known Indian model-turned-acto >> Read More... Rahul Roy as the lead. This comeback was a great move for her as after that, she could grab movies like Glamour Girl, Murdaa and Garam on her side.