Birthday: 04-10-1980
Age: 38
Star sign: Scorpio
The Bengali film actress was born on 4th October 1980 in Kolkata. She started her acting career with TV serials and her first serial was a Bengali serial titled ‘Jibon Niye Khela’, which was started in the year 2004. Being a bright student who used to win scholarships and medals, Dam always wanted to be chemical researcher or a pilot as a kid and holds a master’s degree in chemistry. 

She has stated in an interview that becoming an actress was never her dream even though she has taken professional training in classical dance and was into theatre acts from a very young age. However, it turned out that she was destined to be an actress and she debuted in the 2004 Bengali movie ‘Teen Yaari Katha’. Even though the movie production had started in the year 2004, it wasn’t released until early 2012, and her first film to be released was director Rabi Kinagi movie ‘Agnipariksha’ in 2006. However, she had only supporting roles in her initial movies and she came to fame only with her 2009 hit film ‘Kalbeela’, which was a Goutam Ghose masterpiece. She played the role of the girlfriend of a young Naxalite leader in the movie and she was widely praised for her role in the movie. She later stated in an interview that ‘Kalbeela’ gave her the platform to prove herself. The 2011 Bengali movie ‘Chatrak’ brought her national and international recognition and the film was premiered in prestigious film festivals including Cannes, Toronto, and UK.

Success followed her, and she went on to act in many successful movies later including ‘ Tara’, ‘Moner Manush’ etc. Her success landed her a role in the 2012 Bollywood movie ‘ Hate Story’ which was a commercial success and her acting received appreciation from media as well as critics. She bagged few more Bollywood movies following the success of ‘Hate Story’ and she has also acted in a Konkani movie directed by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar called ‘Baga Beach’. She is currently working on the Bengali movies ‘Tobuo Aparichito’ and ‘Auroni Taukhon’.


The original name of Patralekha was Anwita Paul. She basically belongs from Shillong, which is a city in the state of Meghalaya in India. Patralekha was born in 1989. Her major cause of fame is the film acting. In fact, she has directly emerged as a film actress in Indian industry. She belongs from a very educated and professional family. Her father was a Chartered Accountant. Like every parent, he also wanted his daughter to become a Chartered Accountant, but her major interest was in acting in general and film acting in particular. Therefore, she joined the film industry. She has performed in the movie Queen, but that was not her major breakthrough. Patralekha gave her debut performance in the movie City Lights, which has been directed by Hansal Mehta. The movie covers the story of a farmer from Rajasthan, who travels all the way to Mumbai in order to earn some livelihood. This movie has given a huge turnout, because of its low budget of production. Patralekha is playing the main character in the movie being the wife of Deepak Singh, the poor farmer who is stuck in poverty and ruined life conditions. She is playing the role of a very supporting and compromising wife. In this movie Patralekha has completely justified the role and has played the character in an absolutely fine way. In fact, the versatility of her acting has also been applauded by the director of the movie. Not only the crew members, but even the audience has also recognized the beauty of work delivered by Patralekha in this movie. Another Version of this bio: Patralekha is a rising actress and a very hardworking and talented actress of the present times. She is presently working in movies. Her debut movie was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and Hansal Mehta. The debut movie of Patralekha for which, she has accredited her success to these two directors is City Lights. Her debut movie, City Lights is a very famous one and according to her, a lot of hard work and practice has been done in the making of this movie. She is basically a new comer to the film industry and believes in hard work as well as guidance of mentors to get success. According to her a good source of guidance is very important, especially if it is provided in the beginning of the career, then it becomes easy to cope with the difficulties and challenge in the field of film making and acting. She has accredited the success and fame completely to Mahesh Bhatt and Hansal Mehta and says that, without their support and guidance, she could never have achieved such high levels of success. In future, many other movies are in cue for Pavail and she is determined to do with more and more hard work.

Patralekha Hindi Actress