June Malia was born in 1975 Darjeeling; West Bengal She is an Indian Bengal Actress. She was acted in various sorts of Bengal films. She has previously appeared in Bengali films Raktamukhi and Podokkhep, Bong Connection’s, NIRJANI, MONDO MEYYAR UPADHYAY and others. According to her projects, she was hosted the third season of DIDI No 1 and, now it has been done. So, she is taking a break. A newly entitled comedy show on Bangle TV Channel and it was titled as Babushona has just started on July 16th.

She has given a hint at being the host for a new season of DIDI No 1 and also she claimed a role in Mukherji’s next Bengali film. She is also a philanthropist and was a member of WBWC. In a remarkable display of the sisterhood that naturally exists between social services volunteers; the launch of Aaron - a new NGO with the sovereign power of working for the up-liftmen of under-protected children - was attended by over 620 beneficiaries of 25 other NGOs.

Jugnu Ishiqui Hindi Actress

Jugnu Ishiqui

Jugnu Ishiqui’s original name is Suman Mishra. Born on 24 December 1989, she is a model, dancer and actress in India. Hailing from Jamshedpur, she faced difficulties during her initial stages of life owing to her middle-class status. Jugnu initially aspired to become a doctor, in the footsteps of her father. Jugnu created quite a sensation by doing a photo shoot wherein she just wore a chain of firecrackers around her body. This was during Diwali time. And there’s no looking back since then for this plucky actress. She had worked on promos for Fully Faltoo, an MTV show. She has also appeared in a music video in favor of a Cricket World Cup. As though not enough, she adorned the cover of Debonair magazine during September 2009. Jashn is a brand for which she modeled. She has imbibed acting skills from Creating Characters, situated in Mumbai. She also has the credit of being the Femina’s Model of the Month. She also worked in V Channel’s Truth Love Crash. Director Vivek Sharm was very attracted towards Jugnu that he asked her to work in his endeavor. He, in fact, felt that Jugnu had all the essential qualities that he was looking for. If industry trade’s reports are to be believed this director had introduced people who later on became successful. And it seems that Jugnu too will go places. Jugnu feels that an actress should feel at ease while acting. Jugnu does her best to be natural onscreen. Jugnu is very health conscious and is an athlete at a national level. She religiously does workouts and yoga. Jugnu has mastered Kathak, an Indian dance, and, in fact, imbibed this skill since her 4th year. Travelling, surfing, driving and singing are some of her other interests. Jugnu’s mother has a special place in her heart, despite her busy schedules.