Arunima Ghosh Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 27-11-1984
  • Age : 37
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Television actress Arunima Ghosh is a popular face in every Bengali household. Born on 27th November 1984, this 31-year-old model and actress in most famous for her work in various West Bengal-soap operas. This young Bengali beauty has been a part of the industry for the past 16 years and is appreciated for her amazing acting skills and her ability to pull off different roles with ease.

Ghosh is an extremely hard-working and is believed to have great mental strength. She had decided to be an actress at a very young age, around her early teens. Ever since then, she has worked towards this dream and made it a success. Though through the initial stages of her career she was often regarded as a typical celebrity by skipping or coming late for shoots, over the years, she has grown as an individual and is perceived as a more mature actress today.

Suffering from insomnia, this actress has been a part of as many as 17 films- with one of her early films being “ Surya Serial story coming soon... >> Read More... Surya ”, which was released in 2004. One of her more recent films’,”Ek Phaali Rodh” was a hit in the West Bengal film industry. She has also been a part of films like “Ami Achhi Sei Je Tomar”, “Bhroon”, “Aamar Aami”, and “Banku Babu”. After going through a bad break-up in 2010, Ghosh is said to have lost her faith in relationships and no longer wants to be in a relationship. On the topic marriage, she mentioned in an interview that she would prefer an arranged marriage over a lover marriage for herself, as after her break-up and many other incidents she believes that she is incapable of choosing the right person for herself and blindly trusts people.