For the sake of records, compared to TV serials, Aparajita Ghosh Das, the Bengali actress, has more appearances in films, most of them being in the unconventional or art film segments which have gone on to win awards. However, people in general co-relate more with her TV characters than any of her film roles. This may be due to the fact that in serials they get to see her every day of the week, and her exploits on the screen are followed in most households almost with bated anticipation every evening. In a film career spanning almost 7 years she has appeared now in 10 films, most of them being in the unconventional or arty categories, being directed by some of the noted directors of Bengali cinema who have made a name in this genre, like Anjan Dutta, Anjan Das and others. Aparajita started her film career in 2004 with a period drama “Iti Srikanta” where the director Anjan Das had a different take on Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s famous novel Raklakshmi O Srikanta, making it stand out from numerous other versions of the same novel made earlier in Bengali and Hindi. This film was showcased in the Indian panorama section at the IFFI in 2004, and went on to receive several awards thereafter. In the 2008 film “Chalo Let’s Go”, she had the opportunity to act with her future husband, Ritwik Chakraborty, though at that time he had not become the celebrity that he is today, having won several national and regional awards subsequently. The duo paired up once again after their marriage in 2011, in the film “Bakita Byaktigoto”, and this 2013 film received even greater acclaim, going on to receive the 61st National Film Awards for the best Bengali film. Her most memorable performances on TV have been in “Ekhane Aakash Neell” and “Ekdin Pratidin”, which although appreciated by TV audiences, were no match to the artistic performances given by her in the movies. Her popularity in TV serials have been such that even when she came back after a 2 year break in between for the birth of her son, she was immediately welcomed back by her fraternity of fans for her comeback serial, “Kojagori” which started airing from February 2015.
Anurita Jha Hindi Actress

Anurita Jha

Of late there seems to be quite a number of young actors and actresses moving over from Bihar to Bollywood, instead of the earlier ‘once in a while’ cases of actors like Shatrughan Sinha or Sekhar Suman. The list of prominent actresses from Bihar is even less, but is now getting boosted with the presence of the likes of Anurita Jha, who shot into instant fame with Anurag Kashyap’s “Gangs of Wasseypur” in both its versions. She comes with a decent educational background, having done her graduation from BITS, Pilani, one of the foremost technical institutes in the country. Notwithstanding her brilliance in academics, she could not hide her likings for the world of show business, getting into modeling quite early, probably to prepare herself for a career in film acting. She had launched her modeling career initially from Delhi, only to shift to Mumbai later on, going on ultimately to win the Ford Supermodel Contest first, and then a year later, to bag the Channel V Get Gorgeous 2006 contest as well. While it is still “early days” in the industry for Anurita, the waves she has created with only two appearances so far, has really made the audience look up to her for more to come. Her discovery by none other than Anurag Kashyap has really been a boon for her, and the success in rapid succession has done her career a whole lot of good. Her performance in the role of Shama Parveen has been analysed by many as one of the most significant debut performances of the year 2012, and they have labeled her as a fresh young actress, literally oozing with talent. Looking back on how things developed so rapidly for her, Anurita confesses that though she did not have any formal prior exposure to acting, the workshops that Anurag Kashyap himself organized during the making of the film helped her a lot. Looking beyond the “Wasseypur” horizon Anurita admits that she has been approached with different offers and she has gone through the scripts of some of them, but she would like to be tight-lipped till things get frozen. But both outwardly and inwardly she seems to be having a quiet confidence about her abilities, and sooner rather than later, the industry would start hearing about her next exploits.


Chriselle Almeida

With the spread of the Indian diaspora to the developed West and Indian talent scoring in all spheres of life even abroad, it was not surprising that Indian acting talents would make their mark elsewhere too. Chriselle Almeida is one of the actors of Indian origin who has made the USA her home and the base for her acting activities, featuring regularly on various episodes of widely watched American TV serials like “Grey’s Anatomy” about the life of doctors; “Melissa and Joey” a family soap and “Sex and the City” the HBO romantic sitcom. It was not just her innate passion for excelling in the performing arts that drove her into this, but she put in concerted hard work and sincere efforts to achieve the position she has reached. In fact even when she was a kid of six she had very spontaneously confided to her mother that she would also like to perform on the stage, inspired after watching the famous stage play “Evita”. Of course her mother too was a theatre person of sorts, being herself an accredited theatre critic and reviewer. Chriselle followed up on her inner desire by joining the leading acting academies in America, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts for Acting from The University of Connecticut, while also acquiring a full scholarship to the University of California’s Master of Fine Arts Acting Program. She not only had to hone up her acting skills, but being born in India with a typically Indian accent and Indian looks, she had to consciously work on it to change it to an American one taking the help of Dr David Allen Stern, the famous Hollywood based dialects and accents specialist who has trained non-native luminaries from other fields too, besides show business. With this sort of hard work and dedication behind her, it was not unnatural for Chriselle to be accepted as one of the regulars in American TV, not just for playing roles of overseas Indians but also in more mainstream roles too. She also found time to work in a couple of Indian movies too, including the slightly controversial one “When Kiran Met Karen” which had distinct lesbian overtones. Portraying a similar character in one of the modules of the CBS serial “The Big Bang Theory” she generated some debate amongst her fan followers of whether she indeed was a lesbian. But these things apart her capability as a serious and bold actress has never been in doubt, having acted in serious drama, including Shakespearean plays. This should carry her on to more diverse roles on the US TV serials genre, where she seems to have established her niche.

Chriselle Almeida Hindi Actress