Siddharth Koirala, is a Bollywood actor who has his ancestry in Nepal. Though considered a decent actor, he has a few movies to his credit. Apart from movies, he also been indulged in Writing and Production. Brother to Bollywood veteran actress ManishaKoirala, and coming from the family that produced 3 Prime Ministers of Nepal, one has to admit that Siddharth has a rock solid family background to look up to.

Siddharth was supposed to make a debut in a movie titled Aashiq Hai to Dilbar Ko Pehchaan in 2001, with him paired with MayuriKanago. But, the movie was never able to leave the floors and get a release in theaters. Siddharth finally made his debut in a not-so-well received movie titled Fun: Can be dangerous sometimes.

That said, he did co-produce a movie titled Paisa Vasool, in 2004. Post these, Siddharth tried getting a stronger hold in Bollywood with his next movie titled Anwar. The movie had an interesting plot where Siddharth was playing a Muslim boy who falls prey to ‘Terrorist speculations on Muslims’ worldwide after 9/11, set in the backdrop of Lucknow. But that too fall prey to dull Box Office response, though the movie gave a popular song Maula Mere, which is still very well remembered by audiences for its soulful and Sufi touch.

After a repeated stint of next to mediocre movies, in 2009, under debutant director RahatKazmi, Siddharth acted in a movie titled DekhBhaiDekh. Also, he worked in Kamal R. Khan’s ‘Deshdrohi 2’. Siddharth also has to his credit, collaboration in Scripting of an American TV show titled Terrorism: Bio Attack and Terrorism: City Under Siege, both of which were made and released in 2005. Siddharth had collaborated with Joan Greco and MerranSmartwood. In January 2008, Siddharth got married to his long-time girlfriend.

Siddharth Dhawan Hindi Actor

Siddharth Dhawan

Indian film actor, Siddharth Dhawan, is the son of famous actor Anil Dhawan. Anil Dhawan was a versatile actor of his time and is now seen in Television serials. David Dhawan is the cousin of Anil Dhawan thereby Siddharth shares a bond with Varun Dhawan. Though Varun Dhawan has made his name in the film industry Siddharth couldn’t make it that well. Say it luck or circumstances but he couldn’t get enough from the film industry. Personal Life: Son of Anil Dhawan and Rashmi Dhawan, Siddharth Dhawan started his career in the film industry to follow his parent’s footsteps. He was seen in few movies in the early 2000 and later in few Television serials. Cousin of the present lead actor, Varun Dhawan, Siddharth belongs to Delhi. He is also the cousin of the director, Rohit Dhawan. Siddharth married Rakhi Tandon and had two children, one daughter, and one son. Anjani is his daughter, and Karan is his son’s name. Even though Siddharth is busy with his career, he takes out time for his family and children and focus on their career too. He missed his daughters birth but managed to be present at the birth of his son. Career: Siddharth started his career in the film industry in 1995 in Bollywood film, Jane Tamanna but the luck wasn’t in his favor, and a tragedy occurred. The negatives of that film got burned in some accident. Dharmendra was also the part of that movie. He was also the part of the movie, Andaz Tera Mastana. The movie was completed but left unreleased. In 1999, he was seen in the serial ‘Desh Mei Nilka Hoga Chand’ which was liked by the audience and the serial came in the top list. In the year 2000, his two movies got released. They were Billa No, 786 and Aaj Ka Ravan. Boond got released in 2001 and in 2002 it was Aakheer. He was seen in both of these movies. He was a part of ‘Humein Tumse Pyar Ho Gaya Chupke Chupke’ which was released in 2003. He took a break for almost a year because of his son’s birth and then later started with serials. Siddharth acted in few movies and serials but never he was able to reach great heights. Film industry didn’t prove to be his cup of tea, but he somehow made his name.