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Shashikumar, hailing from Karnataka, India is an actor and politician who has acted in movies of various languages, like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and even Hindi. His central prominence and presence has, however, been in Kannada cinema only. He was one of the top actors in the Kannada film industry in the 1990s and is famous for his phenomenal dancing skills that differentiate him from the others.

As for the political front, he contested and became victorious in the MP elections for the constituency of Chitradurga. He made his debut in 1989 with the film Yuddha Kaanda and returned to success in 1990 with the movie Rani Maharani after giving a few flops. He went on to become and is one of the most popular and sought after actor. He acted alongside Rajinikanth in the Telugu film Basha. At the peak of his career, he suffered a tragedy that almost finished his career as a lead actor. He suffered an accident, following which his looks changed due to the ongoing surgeries. Due to this reason, big banners and production houses became reluctant to cast him as the lead actor. This is the main reason he had to take a plunge and try his hand at politics.

However, he didn’t lose hope and did make a comeback to cinema with films like Yejamana, Habba, etc.

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Shashikumar was born in the state of Karnataka, India. He is an Indian actor who has predominantly worked in Kannada cinema. 
He did his first film in 1989, titled Yuddha Kaanda. This movie was a K.V. Raju film, starring Poonam Dhillon, Ravichandran, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, and Shashi in the lead. The movie was a remake of the Hindi movie, Meri Jung (1985). The movie received positive reviews from the audience.
His career stumbled a bit because of three back to back flops, including Kollura Kaala, Gandharva, and Baa Nanna Preetisu. 
In 1988, Shashi did his first role as a villain in the movie, Chiranjeevi Sudhakara. Since then he started receiving many films to play negative characters
He did a movie with P. Nanjundappa, titled C.B.I. Shankar in 1989. The movie was a drama film in Kannada, starring Shankar Nag in the lead. Shashi played the side role of a dancer named Santosh, who receives an opportunity from a political party to contest the elections of the local Zilla, but later he gets murdered. Santosh’s case was shut by the local police after a very casual investigation and concluded the death to be a suicide. C.B.I. officer Sathya later takes up this case and solves the mystery of Santosh’s death. The movie received a mixed response.
Shashi became a super-star after his role in the film Rani Maharani in 1990. 
Shashi and actress Malashri have worked together in many films. Other actress with whom he has mostly worked include, Tara, Shruti, and Sudha Rani.
Kumar did his first major lead role in the film Policena Henthi in 1990. The movie was an action drama film by Om Prakash and the Dynamic Films. The movie had Devaraj and Malashri along with Shashi. The songs of this film were a great success including Hari Om Hari and Modalane Chumbana.
He has also worked with the Tamil superstar Rajnikanth in the film Baashha in 1995. The film was a Tamil action film by Suresh Krishna.
The actor is currently filming a Telugu film, titled Vighna and has announced that he will be doing a film revolving around the life of Buddha, titled Naa Mahabuddhivantha, which will be released in the early months of 2017. 
Shashi suffered a major accident because of drunken-driving in the peak years of his career. He suffered face injuries and had to undergo many surgeries. He is now no longer given the lead roles in films and thus had to take up a path towards building a political career. He is currently a Member of the Parliament and has won the elections from the Chitradurga constituency of Karnataka. 

Sharad Talwalkar Hindi Actor

Sharad Talwalkar

Sharad Ganesh Talwalkar, also known as Sharad Talwalkar, an Indian film actor and also a television artist was a vibrant actor. Shankar got all fame and reached at great heights just because of his passion and inclination towards acting and theatre since his childhood. Shankar was a big name of his times, and he appeared in various Marathi films. He was regarded as one of the finest comedians in Marathi cinema and entertained the audience for over sixty years. Sharad’s contribution towards Marathi cinema was a big building block for the film industry. Personal Life: Sharad was born on 1st November 1918 in Bodhegaon, Pune, India. Sharad did his schooling from Bhave High School, Maharashtra and was interested in acting and theatre since then only. Even during his college days, he started a theatre and also continued with practising acting. Sharad died in 2001 due to prolonged illness and later by heart attack and left his wife and two sons including his fame and name and respect from the Marathi film industry for his marvellous contribution. Career: Sharad was into acting and theatre since his childhood and did theatre in college and even in school. He was very talented and owing to this; Keshavrao Date offered him a job. Sharad made his debut in films in the year 1958 with the movie, 'Akher Zamla' in which he did a comic role. Raja Gosavi accompanied him in this movie and the combination of both was well appreciated by all and also the movie was marked well. The duo did various other movies together. He was also seen in Lakhachi Gosta, which was his movie of starting days. The famous actor did films from the time of black and white movies till the coloured ones. His first coloured film was Avaghachi Sansar. Sharad appeared in more than 180 films with a career span of almost 60 years. He also did 45 plays which include the famous play, Ekach Pyala. Gharo Ghari Heech Bomb and Lagnachi Bedi were also his plays on the list. “Swar-Taal Sadhana” the Music Institute, was inaugurated on 16th December 1993 by Late Mrs. Paurnima Talwalkar, Classical Vocalist and Mr.Sharad Talwalkar, stalwart of Marathi Theater and Cinema.