Rajan Haksar Hindi Actor
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Rajan was a Bollywood actor who rose to popularity as a Character-Artist, from Kashmir, India. He started his career before 1947 (pre-independence) in Mumbai, India, with the help of another actor, Chander Mohan. Chander helped Haksar with the work and settlement in the city. Chandra was his mentor and helped him to stay dedicated. Rajan was married to a well-known actress, Manorama after Chander introduced her to Rajan. They have a daughter together named Rita Haskar, who is a known Bollywood actress. Both Manorama and Rajan were movie actors playing character-artists in different Hindi movies.

They worked together in fifteen films. Haksar got famous after the movie, “DO Bhai,” in 1947 and worked in over two hundred films in several roles, the last movie was “Aakhari Sangursh,” in 1999. The actor’s prominent roles in Bollywood films were; Raghu Rai ( In Mangal Pandey 1983 ) with TIPS label, Madan ( Meri Awaaz Suno 1981) directed by Rajendra Singh Babu S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu is an acclaimed screenwr >> Read More... Rajendra Singh Babu , Thakur Bhanwar Singh ( Pran Jaaye par Vachan NaJaaye 1974) produced by Ratan Mohan , Jagannath 'Jaggu' Khanna ( sambandh 1982) directed by Ajoy Biswas, Randhir Singh ( Gora aur kala 1972) an action-crime film, Police Inspector ( Pandit Aur Pathan 1977 ) directed by Joginder Shelly Joginder Shelly was an Indian director, writer, si >> Read More... Joginder Shelly , Shyam Sunder ( Satyakaam 1969 ) a drama film, Inspector Sawant ( SHARAT 1969 ) directed by Guru, Thakur Vijay Bahadur Singh ( Kasam Suhaag Ki 1989 ), Kishan J.J.'s Employer ( DON 1978 ) directed by Chandra Barot The Indian film director Chandra Barot is working >> Read More... Chandra Barot , Dr. Sharma ( Banarasi Babu 1973) Young Baijnath ( Baiju Bawaara 1952 ) directed by Vijay Bhatt Vijay Bhatt was an Indian producer and director. H >> Read More... Vijay Bhatt and Motilal ( Mahal 1969 ).

He also did memorable roles in Junglee (1961 ) produced by Sabodh Mukerji, Meri Jung ( 1985), Sharaabi ( 1984) directed by Prakash Mehra Prakash Mehra was born on 13 July 1939 in Bijnor a >> Read More... Prakash Mehra , Choron Ki Baraat ( 1980), Jaanwar ( 1983) directed by S Ali, Arjun Pandit ( 1976) produced by NR Pachisia and Bindiya Aur Bandook ( 1983). The artist also did production and co-production in three movies, Resham Ki Dori (1974), Aadhi Raat Ke Baad (1965) and Pyar Ka Sapna (1969). The actor passed away in the year 2003. Rajan Haksar was a legend and is still idolized and remembered for his creative skills and multi-talents.