Nilu Phule

Other names of Nilu Phule: Nilkanth Krushnaji Phule
Nilu Phule Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 1930
  • Date of death: 13-07-2009

Nilu Phule is a renowned Marathi actor who predominantly appeared in Marathi movies. He went to act in over 250 films that included many Hindi films as well. This actor is considered one of the greatest actor of Marathi stage and films of all times. Nilu Phule had also participated in the freedom movement of our country and was basically a freedom fighter in Pune. He had a very modest beginning. He worked as a gardener in Armed Forces Medical College in Pune. He could not afford to own a nursery as he had no sufficient money with him. He was a social worker. When he drew his first salary of Rs 80, he voluntarily donated Rs 10 to Rashtriya Seva Dal, a political outfit in Maharashtra. This continued for many years.

Later, he shifted his attention to theater, stage and dramas. He wrote plays and influenced people through his patriotism, From the stage, he acted in Marathi movies where he played mostly villain characters in Marathi movies. He is undoubtedly the cool villain who portrayed drunkard role very effectively. He acted in Bollywood films such as ‘Woh Saat Din’, ‘Coolie’,’Mashaal’,’ Naram Garam Naram Garam was a cookery show, which was hosted b >> Read More... Naram Garam ’, etc. Nilu Phule acted in ‘Zara Si Zindagi, a 1983 Hindi feature film directed by K. Balachander, Kamal Haasan's mentor, starring Kamal Haasan, Anita Raj. The film did not fare well in box office, but his deep voice and histrionics left a good spell in the mind of audiences. He is also remembered for his role of a drunkard politician in Mahesh Bhatt’s "Saaransh" and Jabbar Patel’s two movies ‘Sinhasan’ (role of political journalist) and 'Saamna' (sugar tycoon).

He appeared in few Hindi films, but he had a good screen presence and even towering actors like Dilip Kumar Muhammad Yusuf Khan was born on the 11th of Decemb >> Read More... Dilip Kumar , or could not overshadow his skill of acting. Having originated from the theater, his dialogue delivery was notable in every film. He passed away on July 13, 2009, in Pune.