Kaushik Chakraborty Hindi Actor

Kaushik Chakraborty is an actor, producer, and musician. The now famous actor came into the entertainment industry as an executive producer, involved in the production of the Bengali drama Ajob Prem Ebong which came out in 2011. Chakraborty was credited as the lyricist for Doshhomi in 2012, but being a producer was just the beginning of his career.

He became a story writer, music director, and actor through his debut in the 2014 Bengali drama AranyerItikatha. Since then, the actor has shown his prowess in the industry by performing various roles in many movies. Kaushik has appeared in several Bengali works such as 'Ghuri - The Kite', JaanBaaz, E Ki Labanya, Ray, and the latest addition to his work include Golpo Holeo Shotti.

Kaushik is also a musician and was the frontman of the Bengali rock band Prithibi. However, the band dissolved in December 2019 due to internal conflicts, which resulted in the other three members leaving the band. Chakraborty found a way to bring back the band with new faces and named the band Reincarnation 2020 in January 2020.

Kaushik, along with his new crew, celebrated the band's relaunch with the release of "Mukti," featuring the new band members.

Another Version

Kaushik Chakraborty is an actor by profession. He was born on 24 October 1980. He began his career as an executive producer. In 2011, he was associated with a Bengali serial Ajob Prem Ebong. In 2012, he was credited as the lyricist of Doshhomi. He was a part of the 2014 drama Aranyer Itikatha. He appeared in several movies like Ghuri- The Kite, Jaanbaaz, E Ki Labanya, and Ray. Now, he is working as a story writer, actor, director, and producer. He is known for his work in Ray, the Tashkent files, and Doshhomi.