Geetanjali Kulkarni, popularly known as Nutan from the movie “ Court” is a theater turned big screen actress. She is graduated in acting and drama. She went to National School of Drama, Mumbai. The love of her life fell into the place. She met Atul Kulkarni as her senior in the school in the year 1993. Their love interest for each other increased as they started dating each other. The couple finally got married in the year 1996. They have no children. She works for “Quest” which is a non-governmental organization run by his husband, Atul Kulkarni. This NGO helps children of age group three to fourteen, in increasing their quality of education through various perspectives. She also conducts various workshops for theater acting. Geetanjali has this power of sharing her talent.

The actress has worked in theater and movies in many languages like Marathi, Hindi, and English. She was recognized in the movies like Hotel Salvation in the year 2016 which became a popular movie in that language. In the year before, she was seen in P se PM tak and also in Ragini MMS 2. She worked with Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor in Delhi-6, which was a movie worth watching. The famous plays that she acted on stage were Sex, Mortality and Censorship, Gajab Kahaani, Dreams of Talim. Priya Bahrupiya and much more. She was experienced at the theater and this is the reason she started taking workshops for same. The debut film for this actress was “Court”. In this movie, Geetanjali acted as a mid-aged public prosecutor.

She framed her character in a way a professional theater actor would. She researched over a long period of time. She attended workshops and court hearings, met the victims and accused people in real life. She exclaimed that she grew as a person in the process of research for this movie. The movie had dialogs in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and English to showcase the reality of Indian Jurisdiction and the reality of daily life. Her mindset changed about a few things in life. She said she was satisfied in theater, but roles like this were really inspiring. The movie and the actress received National Award which gave her trust on the movie and the Director a boost. The actress received a Filmfare Award for best actress (critics) at Karma Filmfare Award in Marathi. The movie got our nation nominated for Oscars.

Vira Sathidar

Vira Sathidar, the lead actor in the Oscar-nominated movie “Court”, was born in 1960 in Nagpur. He went from being a cowherd to developing interest in the Folk Art and Music in his early age. His interest in literature has been developed over the years, enough to make him a great writer and poems. As his interest grew in Arts, he pushed himself to take up painting and doing sculpture. Music is an art that creates wonders in a person. Vira realized this and became a singer and a great lyricist. He has explored himself in every possible field and came out as a better artist. He is working as a Democratic Rights activist and as an Editor of a Marathi magazine, “Virodhi”. He says that he had no contacts in the industry till he got the call for “Court”. Susan Abraham, also an activist, gave his reference to the casting crew of the movie. His friend discouraged him for the same but Vira wanted to try his hand into acting. The only acting experience he had was the nukkad natak and dramas he used to perform in to attract the crowd. His character, Narayan Kamble in the movie was an activist for Dalits who is fearless and questions the state. In his real life too, he is an activist who is fighting for their rights. He says that working for this movie has given him and his activism a real boost and now he wants to do more for the society. In his activist period, Vira was in custody for an electricity theft case in his birth-city in 2005. Also, He and his son were booked in UAPA for selling books with inappropriate content. The cases were closed later. Vira was recognized by the best actor for his performance in “Court” at Newsmakers Achievers Award. He was thankful to the makers of the movie and the fraternity for the opportunity. He was inspired to do more movies like that and meet more people from the industry and work with them. He appreciated the audience to have taken interest in this genre of movies and appreciating it. The inspiration from “Court” brought him to writing scripts. He is in search of a producer for the same. For now, Vira is shooting for the movie “Mritak” which is the tale of Lal Bihari Mritak living in Uttar Pradesh. The movie is about the struggle of the three generations of a family proving a dead man alive.

Vira Sathidar Hindi Actor