Chinmay Mandlekar Hindi Actor

Chinmay Mandlekar was born on 2nd February 1979 in Maharashtra. Being an Indian Marathi boy, he did his graduate in National School of Drama. Chinmay in his early age has proven his skills by acting and directing plays like Bechaki, Sukhanshi Bhandto Aamhi successfully. The Marathi actor having laid his foundation strong in cine field, made his first debut in Tere Bin Laden(2010) and also in Shanghai.

Although he had the chance to do only supporting roles, Chinmay has well portrayed his sense of acting to keep up the pace in the film industry. Mandlekar married Nisha and has two kids. In Tere Bin Laden he has played the role of Usman and as a cop in Shanghai. But, Mandlekar says he is not going to hurry into things and that an actor like him who did not have a well-known movie background would be thrown out in Bollywood if he doesn’t decide wisely.

Chinmay has also proven his versatility by hosting and acting in TV shows like Asambhav, Tu Tithi me, Tu Majha Sangati and more. The budding actor is very much optimistic about this career even though he has played only supporting roles in the previous movies. Some of his well-reached movies are Tere Bin Laden, Gajaar: Journey of the Soul, Panjira, Pyaar Vali Love Story and Mokssh. His very own movie, Vijay Aso had its final shooting recently.

In Vijay Aso, Chinmay plays the lead role, who’s life changes after a political event. Chinmay has reacted to the Paris attacks by conveying his condolences to the departed souls in the social media. Well, it is rumoured that the actor is spending 12 hours a day shooting for his Television Shows. In regards to this, he has replied in a social networking site that he would play nine shows in a week time. The most awaited plays among them are Mr and Mrs, Nandee, Samudra, Sukhanshi Bhandto Aamhi, Pandgo Ilo Re Ba Ilo.