Avishka Kashyap is an Indian model. She was born in Gauhati. Avishka moved to Mumbai, the city of dreams, to become a admirable model. She appeared in MTV Splitsvilla Season 5.

The show aired on MTV. Kashyap got noticed by the people through this reality show although she was dumped by Vroon (king) in the very first episode. Avishka came back in the show and gave her place to Vidhushi to be dumped by the King.

Dana Vana Hindi Actress

Dana Vana

Dana Vana is a model, a fitness trainer, and an international relations expert. She was born in Israel. In her teenage years, she developed a deep interest in fitness training and acting. Dana owns a fitness center in Dubai and is a star trainer. Many well-known business tycoons and celebrities are her clients. She came to Mumbai with a dream of entering Bollywood. But, nothing came easily to her. She had loads of problems dealing with her accent, her eating habits, and her lifestyle. She had to alter herself at every step. She began her career in Mumbai with some modeling shows. Since Dana comes from a very religious household, her decision of becoming an actor was looked down upon by her mother. Her mother wanted her to get married to a well-settled Jewish man, but there was no way to convince Dana to sacrifice her dreams. The Israeli beauty made her television debut with the very popular and sensational show, Splitsvilla. The show is an Indian Reality show based on the American dating series, "Flavor of Love." The serial has had a total of ten seasons, all of which were broadcasted on MTV India. It is a competition where young boys and girls participate and compete with one another to stay in the game and win. It is a show in search of true love. The themes of love, friendship, hatred, betrayal make it popular among the teens. Dana Vana participated in Season 7 of the show. Sunny Leone and Nikhil Chinappa hosted the season 7 of Splitsvilla. Dana entered the show as a wild card contestant. In an interview, she confessed that entering Splitsvilla as a wild card entrant made her nervous, but she put on her best shoe and made a lot of friends in the series. Everyone in the show was taken aback by Dana's Hotness Quotient. She was the second runner-up of Splitsvilla Season 7. The show challenged her physically as well as mentally, and as a result, she grew even more confident in herself. After the show, Dana even started her TV show. In the show, she gives people relationship advice and talks about her own experience in love. She even started a campaign called "Living Limitless" which involved raising funds to help her achieve her dream of becoming a Bollywood star. She donated 10 % of the money that was raised during the campaign to orphans in India. So, Dana Vana from Israel is a beauty with dreams in her eyes, a fire in her heart, and generosity in her soul.