Pinky Rajput is an Indian celebrity known as a voice dubbing, dubbing director, and translator. She has dubbed in various works in Hindi, English and Marathi language. She was born in Mumbai and started her career as a chief assisting director for a Hindi serial. She worked with Ved Rahi in this serial. The actress in the serial got a sore throat and thus required a voice double. The director requested Pinky to voice dub, and she did dub for the heroine and started her journey. She later visited Sagar Arts and Leela Roy Ghosh, where she went underway with her career. Rajput is popularly known for her work in Hindi serial ‘ Jai Shri Krishna’ which lasted for more than 200 episodes. She also dubbed in various animated films like Hanuman, Hanuman Returns, Monster Kid and Barbie. She has dubbed in various TV serials and movies which made her very famous in the dubbing field. She dubbed in the Spiderman series, Hellboy II, Narnia and even Power Rangers. She once gave her voice for Monica Bedi in Bollywood blockbuster Jodi No. 1.

She started her career in 1993 and is still continuing her work with full dedication. She is a standard choice to dub the voice on Pogo Channel and various animated movies. She also dubbed Satyameva Jayate in other languages. She is a very profound person when it comes to work, but is a very cheerful when it comes to offstage as she is one of the jokers in the pack. She has worked for various channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo, Colors, Nickelodeon and many more. She also dubbed for various infotainment shows on History TV18. She also formed a company Mayukhi Enterprise along with her friend Anju Jamwal. Mayukhi Insync has worked with various channels for their dubbing work and has excelled over the years. Pinky Rajput is one of the successful dubs in India, and whenever there is a need of dub, she will always be remembered first.

Nachiket Dighe

Nachiket Dighe is Indian dubbing voice actor. He has also known for his acting. Nachiket dubs in various languages like English, Hindi and Marathi. Nachiket was born on 11 November 1987 in Mumbai, India. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in the discipline of Electronics and Telecommunication.Also, he holds a post-graduation degree of MBA in Marketing. He has done his studies in Mumbai. He happens to have a Sangeet Visharad certification in Tabla from the famous Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. He is also a trained vocalist in Hindustani classical music. Right from his childhood, Nachiket had a flair for acting and started at the tender age of six. He performed in various advertisements and serials as a child artist. “Meethi Meethi Batein” was his first serial as a child actor. This serial was aired for 52 episodes over a year on DD National. He also acted in films like ‘Lagi Sharth’ as “Bipin Bukalwar ” and in ‘Wrong Mauritius’. Both of these movies were an initiative of the Children’s Film Society of India. In 2002, Nachiket acted in the famous Marathi film ‘Aadharstambha’, along with renowned Marathi actors like Dilip Prabhavalkar and Sandeep Kulkarni. Along with acting Nachiket started lending his voice for dubbing various cartoons and animation movies from foreign language to Hindi or Marathi from the year 1999. He has been approved to be the Hindi voice of the character named “T.J Detweiler” in the cartoon series called ‘The Recess’. He also lent his voice for Disney Weekenders for the show Tino to the character of Jimmy Neutron.Also, he had voiced a character in ‘Lloyd in Space’ named “Eddie”. Nachiket aspiring achievement is that he had been chosen to be the official voice in Harry Potter film series, for the character of Ron Weasley, from the second season onwards. He has successfully dubbed several other films such as in Deep Impact movie as “Leo Biederman” and even for the Tinker Bell movies for the character “Bobble” which is famous among kids. He has done an outstanding job of voice dubbing for various Disney Channel jobs like that of character “Derek” in the movie ‘Minutemen’ and that of “Jason Cross” in the movie Series ‘High School Musical’.

Nachiket Dighe Hindi Actor