Smita Talwalkar was a director, actress and producer in Marathi Cinema. She is well-known for her work like Tu Tithe Mee.

Smita Talwalkar was born on 5 September, 1954. Before her marriage, her name was Smita Govilkar. She got married when she was 17 years old. She has a son, Amber Talwalkar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Amber Talwalkar who is the director of the health club chain, Talwalkars. Amber got married to the famous Marathi actress, Sulekha Talwalkar Sulekha Talwalkar is a much acclaimed Marathi TV, >> Read More... Sulekha Talwalkar . Smita also has one more daughter-in-law. She also is an actress, Purnima Talwalkar Purnima Talwalkar, also known as Purnima Bhave, is >> Read More... Purnima Talwalkar . Smita was suffering from ovarian cancer. It was diagnosed in 2010 and she was being cured with chemotherapy. However, she died at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai on 6 August 2014 at the age of 59.

Smita was a newsreader in her early professional life. She did news reading for 17 years and then got a break in movies. Her initial successful releases were Tu Saubhagyavati Ho Tu Saubhagyavati Ho is a Marathi drama serial on S >> Read More... Tu Saubhagyavati Ho released in 1998 and Gadbad Ghotala. Gadbad Ghotala was a Marathi romcom with other notable actors. After acting in a few movies, she tried her hand in producing. Her debut movie as a producer was Kalat Nakalat Kalat Nakalat is a Marathi family-drama serial tha >> Read More... Kalat Nakalat released in 1989. The movie was directed by Kanchan Nayak Smita Talwalkar produced Kanchan's debut direc >> Read More... Kanchan Nayak . The movie was a family drama covering intricate topics of families and children where one of the parents had an extra-marital affair. At the National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards , the movie received the Best Marathi Feature Film Award. She did a movie about a mentally challenged boy played by Dilip Prabhavalkar Well known Marathi theater actor Dilip Prabhawalka >> Read More... Dilip Prabhavalkar . She played the role of his childhood friend. The movie was called Chautak Raja and won The Best Actor Award at the Maharashtra State Film Awards. Sanjay Surkar Sanjay Surkar (19 August 1959 - 27 September 2012) >> Read More... Sanjay Surkar was the director of the movie while, Smita was the producer. She continued working with Surkar and made several notable movies like Saatchya Aat Gharat (2004), Tu Tithe Mee (1998), and Anandache Jhaad (2006). She has also directed movies. Her directorial debut was in 1993. The movie was called Sawat Mazhi Ladki. It was a comedy/drama movie that received a Maharashtra State Film Award.

Tu Tithe Mee revolved around an old couple who faced few troubles due to their joint family. It gave Smita her second National Award. Saatchya Aat Gharat was another critical movie that showed the incident where a girl was raped by a policeman in the University of Pune. The movie also commented on the western cultures, the idea of pubs, Valentine’s Day and Body piercings.

She has also produced TV Serials for Zee Network. Some of her notable serials include Avantika, Peshwai, Unch Maaza Zoka, Savanshi. She also has an acting school Asmita Chitra Academy. She has been on the judging panel of various national and international events.