Shonali Bose, who was born in the year 1965, is a Bengali woman, who started her career in Indian film industry as Director, Producer and Screenwriter. She is well known for her film Amu that explores attacks on Sikhs in the year 1984 in Delhi.

Shonali was born in Calcutta, and she grew up in Delhi and Bombay. When she was a student at Miranda House, she has been an activist. She completed her Bachelors of Arts from Delhi University and Masters in Political Science from Columbia University, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... . She got married to Bedabrata Pain Bedabrata Pain is an Indian Scientist and Filmmake >> Read More... , who is a filmmaker.

For a year she had worked as an organizer at National Lawyers Guild and she directed a live community television in Manhattan. Her short films like Undocumented, Lifting the Veils and The Gendarme Is Here have screened in many festivals throughout the world.

With film Amu she made a debut as a producer, writer and director. The film, Amu was released in India in the year 2005, which received a very good response from the audience. This film was also screened at the Toronto and Berlin Film Festivals, among many other international festivals. Shonali Bose received 7 national and international awards for her debut film Amu including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English, FIPRESCI Critics Award and many other awards.

She was asked to convert the Amu Screenplay into a novel. She did this thing while she was editing the film Amu. The novel and the Film Amu were released at the same time in India on 7th January 2005, making her the first Indian to release a Film and Novel simultaneously.

She wrote the story for the film titled Chittagong, which was directed by her former husband Bedabrata Pain in the year 2012.She is also the assistant director for this film. For this project, she already signed some of the India’s best A list actors.

Tanuja Chandra

Tanuja Chandra is a director and a writer hailing from Lucknow. She is the sibling of Vikram Chandra, a famous writer, and Anupama Chandra, a film critic. Also, she is the daughter of Kamna Chandra, a famous screenwriter. Tanuja started her career by working as a television journalist for Star Plus Channel. She improved her career by directing Zameen Aasmaan, followed by 'Mumkin’. Her next attempt was a big leap towards success. She ventured onto the big screen. Her screenplay for 'Dil To Pagal Hai' was a success. She worked with Mahesh Bhatt for 'Zakhm' and the film was a moderate hit. When she ventured into the field of direction, her success rate started going down the lane. 'Dushman’, her debut film as a director was a flop. After that film, many of her other films went unnoticed. Her last movie was 'Hope and a Little Sugar’, that was released in the year 2006. The highlight of this film is most of the pre and the post-production work was carried over the net. This movie won the award for the best feature film in the New York and the California film festival. In spite of her success in an international film, she always considers Mumbai to be her workplace. Tanuja Chandra feels that direction is a hard task. She also feels that the movie should be having a strong impact on the audience, to provoke the debate. Most of her movies are women-centric and she is very much comfortable with it. Though, some of her movies based on the women were not much successful, she is satisfied in giving a quality film. She is more interested in making movies that will impress the common audience, rather than the art house people. Her desire is to form an individual style of filmmaking for our country that should be inspired by the Hollywood.    

Tanuja Chandra Hindi Actress