Ravi Tandon is an Indian film actor and producer, who had directed more than fifteen films. He is the director of the golden era and has worked from the time of black and white movies to the coloured movies. He is the father of the versatile actress, Raveena Tandon. He has worked with many actors and has given work to new faces. He even worked with ‘ Amitabh Bachchan’ in films like ‘Khuddar’ which was a worldwide hit. He is a multi-talented person and has worked as a director and actor both, including producer and writer too.

He is one of the oldest filmmakers present in the industry. Ravi was born in the year 1935 in Agra, UP. He belongs to a Punjabi family and later married Veena Tandon. He has one son and one daughter. Rajeev Tandon is his son, who is also a director and a producer and was the producer of ‘ Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, which became a super hit. Raveena Tandon is his daughter, who is a Bollywood actress and gave her debut in the year 1991 in the film Patthar Ke Phool. She has won many Filmfare awards also.

Ravi started his career in 1960 as an actor in the film ‘Love In Simla’. He had a lack of money that time so he did few films as a supporting actor but soon he realized that he is made to work behind the camera. In 1963, he became the assistant director for the film, ‘Yeh Rastey Hain Pyar Ke’. It was R.K. Nayyar who motivated him and gave him the opportunity.

For five years (1959-1964), he worked with R.K. Nayyar as an assistant director and learned about direction. R.K. Nayyar worked as his mentor and guided him all these years. After that, he entered into the industry as director for the film ‘Balidaan’. Manoj Kumar was the person who helped him as he told the producer of the film ‘Balidaan’ to take him up as a director for the film. ‘Anhonee’ was the film released in 1973 for which he worked as a director and a writer as well.

Also, he was the producer of ‘Anhonee’. In 1974, he directed two films, ‘Nirmaan’ and ‘Majboor’. Majboor became a worldwide hit. Later, he released two movies each year till 1980. He never went behind the glamour and was always confident even when he was launching a new face in his film. ‘ Khel Khel Mein’ which was released in 1975 and ‘Khud-Daar’ which was released later in 1982 are some of his marvellous pieces of work. Bond 303 is one of his science fiction which was released in 1985 with ‘ Jeetendra’ as the actor of the movie.

Nazrana’ was also directed by Ravi Tandon and Rajesh Khanna was the actor. The film was released in 1987 and was applauded by everyone in the industry. He gave many great movies to the industry and is considered as one of the best directors of the industry.

Ravi Ojha Hindi Actor

Ravi Ojha

Ravi Ojha who is a writer, director and an assistant or second unit director on TV series that is well-known among the people who come running to watch Sasural Genda Phool (2010), a dramatic TV series that’s on star plus since 2010 up to 2012 written by Mitali Zama Habib, Ogo Bodhu Sundari (2009) directed by Rakesh Kumar which was created and produced by Ravi Ojha under his banner Ravi Ojha Productions, where the first episode date was on 3rd August 2009, after work in the evening until night. No matter how tired they are, they come and watch these TV series that keeps the spectators on their toes, to know what happens next. It is quite a talent to create something that makes these series very well-known and interest. He has also been assistant director for Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992) and chief assistant director in Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro (1989). In 1989 starting his career, by being a chief assistant in a movie, directed by Saeed Akhtar Mirza who have done movies such as Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai, along with actor Pavan Malhotra as the lead, a movie that won thirty-seventh national film award for the best featuring film in Hindi in 1989 and the national film award for the best cinematography in 1990. The film has been set during the time of the Hindutva mobilization of the 1980s, the scenario that affects the young minority Muslims. Salim Pasha, which means lame, is a thief who lives with his parents and his sister in a small neighborhood where crime and illegal activities are accepted as professions and encouraged by people around. It is a movie starring Pavan Malhotra as Salim, Makrand Deshpande as Peera, Ashutosh Gowarikar as Abdul, Rajendra Gupta as Aslam, Neelima Azeem as Mumtaz. Then in the year 1992 in the movie Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman directed by Aziz Mirza and written by Manoj Lalwani produced by G P Sippy, starring Shahrukh Khan during the time when he was at his peak of fame, as Raj Mathur, Nana Patekar as Jai, Juhi Chawla as Renu, Amrita Singh as Sapna L Chhabria. A movie about a person who had a dream to become a great engineer who graduated from Darjeeling coming to Bombay, but losing out on opportunities that come across. But eventually finding the job he dreamt and fell in love with the woman who is also the reason for the job, which later turned around as he had some trouble with the people who he was working along with. And another woman, who fell in love with him who comes to know that he, was already in love with another person, making the movie very interestingly thrilling and us on toes. In 2004 starting off directing his first movie didn’t go so well that it didn’t catch too much attention in the film industry. It also wasn’t a commercial success except that it didn’t bring out much fame. It was Abar Asbo Phire that it didn’t go so well starring Koneenica Banerjee, Victor Banerjee, Ramaprasad Banik.