Joginder Singh

Other names of Joginder Singh: Joginder Shelly

Joginder Singh was an Indian director, writer, singer, producer and an actor. He was also a songwriter and a distributor. His real name was Joginder Shelly. He produced and directed two blockbuster Hindi movies namely Ranga Kush and Bindiya Aur Bandook. Joginder was born on 4th July 1949 in Khanewal, Punjab. He won the plagiarism suit against the producers of the movie Sholay for copying his work. The character Ranga Kush was similar to the character Gabbar Singh Click to look into! >> Read More... Gabbar Singh in the movie Sholay. He produced and directed a lot of movies. Most of his movies didn’t receive any recognition on the Box-Office. He was even placed on the list of worst directors. Joginder directed and produced a lot of poorly cast movies. Most of his movies were poorly produced and directed, consisted of uneven casts, strange dialogues, and poor plot elements. He achieved success when he directed and produced the movie Bindiya Aur Bandook. After the success of Bindiya Aur Bandook and Ranga Kush, Joginder decided to make a sequel to the movie Bindiya Aur Bandook.

The movie was released against J.P Dutta’s LOC. The movie failed miserably and didn’t earn much success on the box-office though he was able to deliver a hit song in the movie named Main Hoon Bottle Band Sharab. After that, Joginder never returned to the big screen and produced and acted in small budget movies and Punjabi T.V serials. His movie, Ranga Kush was repeatedly featured in the house of Parliament.  Joginder was also a trained Pilot. He used to work with Indira Gandhi before turning into an actor. Joginder has acted in a lot of movies. Some of his notable works include movies like Khooni Tantrik, Meri Jung Ka Elaan, Ganga Aur Ranga, Kaun Kare Kurbani, The Revenge: Geeta Mera Naam, Jago Hua Savera and many more. Joginder was suffering from kidney and liver problems and died on 15th June 2009. He is survived by his two sons, a daughter, and a wife.