Goutam Ghose

Other names of Goutam Ghose: Gautam Ghosh
Goutam Ghose Hindi Actor

Gautam Ghose is a special man. He has won numerous awards, and his work has been appreciated across cultures and boundaries. He is the most celebrated Bengali Film Director. He is known for his films, and has won numerous National and International Awards for his performance. To say the least, he has won 16 National Awards and many Filmfare Awards. He remains the single Indian to have won the prestigious "Vittorio Di Sica” Award, in Italy.

Goutam Ghose, born on 24 July 1950 belongs to Calcutta, India. His mother Santana and father Prof. Himangshu Kumar Ghose has played a huge role in making him the man he is today. His early schooling days were at St John’s Diocesan School. He studied in that school till standard 4th and went to the University of Calcutta for his graduation.

He has also done the hat of an actor, when his friend Srijit Chatterjee asked him to play a character in the film Baishe Srabon. He accepted, as the role was meeti and important to play. However, Ghose prefers to be behind the camera, as he prefers that way. Gautam Ghose has been most loved for his natural finesse that brings to his treatment of the subject that fits into the script of the movie. He is a legend of Bengali Cinema and has been a very important pillar of the whole industry.