Goutam Ghose

Other names of Goutam Ghose: Gautam Ghosh
Birthday: 24-07-1950
Age: 68
Star sign: Leo

Gautam Ghose is a special man. He has won numerous awards, and his work has been appreciated across cultures and boundaries. He is the most celebrated Bengali Film Director. He is known for his films, and has won numerous National and International Awards for his performance. To say the least, he has won 16 National Awards and many Filmfare Awards. He remains the single Indian to have won the prestigious "Vittorio Di Sica” Award, in Italy.

Goutam Ghose, born on 24 July 1950 belongs to Calcutta, India. His mother Santana and father Prof. Himangshu Kumar Ghose has played a huge role in making him the man he is today. His early schooling days were at St John’s Diocesan School. He studied in that school till standard 4th and went to the University of Calcutta for his graduation.

He has also done the hat of an actor, when his friend Srijit Chatterjee asked him to play a character in the film Baishe Srabon. He accepted, as the role was meeti and important to play. However, Ghose prefers to be behind the camera, as he prefers that way. Gautam Ghose has been most loved for his natural finesse that brings to his treatment of the subject that fits into the script of the movie. He is a legend of Bengali Cinema and has been a very important pillar of the whole industry.

Jenner Jose Hindi Actor

Jenner Jose

Jenner Jose is known to have been a very multi-talented person in the Indian film industry as he had taken upon himself all the work that were required him to do for his debut movie Ooops A Desi, which starred new-comers Buali Shah and Adnan Khalid. He is known to be a director in the Bollywood industry. Apart from this, he is also a very capable producer. He has the production house named Jenner Entertainment under his name. He had always been fascinated by the film industry and wanted to make a mark in it since childhood. On the first day of his Kinder Garten, he saw the shooting of the movie named Jugnoo. It is after that that he started gaining interest in the nuances of the process that goes behind the making of a film. He has been a professional in the field of Industrial Technology and holds an experience of working 20 years in various IT firms like IBM among many others. However, once he realized that he had it in him to work in the film industry; he also took extensive training in the art of filmmaking from the USA. This made him an exceptional blend of creativity that if worked well can be beautifully amalgamated with technology to create a masterpiece. He relied completely on his skills and talents as he knew no one from the film industry before entering it. He directed a movie named Ooops A Desi under his production banner. He is a very talented person and has been credited to not just direct and produce the film but also to have written the story and the screenplay of the movie. He had also taken upon himself to act like a villain in the same film when the actor backed out at the last moment. His message for the youth of India is never to give up in any situation, however, bad they may look in the beginning because at the end of the day, everything falls into place.


Meghna Gulzar

Meghna Gulzar is among the few female directors in Indian cinema. And this talented lady doesn’t have a belief on feminism. Meghna Gulzar is the daughter of prominent lyricist, screenwriter and director Gulzar. Renowned yesteryear actress Rakhee is her mother. Born on 13 December 1973, Meghna made her directorial debut with the 2002 flick Filhaal, which had Sushmita Sen, Tabu, Palash Sen and Sanjay Suri sharing screen space. This film was critically well received. Filhaal delved into the sensitive topic as a surrogate mother. But the movie was not a commercial success. Poranmasi (short film) and Just Married are the other directorial ventures of Meghna. Just Married deals with the initial days of a newly married couple. Meghna kick started her career in writing, by donning the role of freelance writer for Times of India. She was also associated with NFDC publication Cinema India. Meghna wanted to produce films the way she wanted. Meghna feels that there should be development in a film maker’s career, otherwise there is no point in making films. Meghna has written a biography about her talented father Gulzar.This book follows her father’s hardship days and also his successful tenure in the Hindi film industry. Creativity is in the genes and this lady has got it from her father. She had also written poems and they have been published. Meghna didn’t take her film career easy; before venturing into it, she did documentaries and music videos. Also, she did an international production course on movies. She in fact, helped her father in Hu Tu Tu. Meghna is quite an introvert, but is known to be a hard task master in the sets. Meghna is wedded to a banker named Govind Sandhu. At present she is working on a work which falls under the production of Vishal Bharadwaj and her father Gulzar.

Meghna Gulzar Hindi Actress