Chandrasen Singh

Other names of Chandrasen Singh: Chandersen Singh, Chandersen Singh

Chandersen Singh hails from Mumbai. He is one of the directors who are new to the film industry. He is known for his work for his first movie “Bollywood Villa”. Chandersen Singh completed his schooling from his native place itself. In his childhood itself, he showed his interest in movies and not on studies. He loved watching movies in theatres. Whatever movie it might be, he used to go and watch it on the first day itself by skipping his classes. His parents were really worried about his behaviour.

But they never expected that he will choose that industry itself as his career. It became his daily routine to watch a movie and to skip classes. Because of this he was unable to focus on his studies. One day he told his family that he was puissant to concentrate on studies and discussed his interest with them. They did not understand what to do butat last, they decided to leave everything upon him. Firstly, he started searching for an opportunity to prove himself and showcase his talent.

Days passed bybut not even a single opportunity came buthe kept on trying. At last finally, he got a contingency to work with a Bollywood director. He worked as an assistant director in that film.After that, he worked with the other directors before getting into his debut film. After working with such directors Chandersen was happy enough and was also confident that he can make a film. And that is how Bollywood Villa happened. When the story got into his mind he did not understand whom to consult and tell his story.

He needed a producer badly for his film. Somehow he got a chance to meet a producer,Durgesh Paul. Chandersen told the entire context of the story to him. Durgesh loved the story and was really excited to work on it. He immediately assured him that he will encourage him and at the same time, he will be the producer for the film. Manoj Singh worked as screenplay writer in the film. The producer suggested Dilizan and Mehta as the lead pair.

The plotof the story was a suspense thriller which centers on the unexpected murders midst the shooting of a film. And the shooting takes place in a Villa. The story begins with the death of the lead actor of the movie and eventually the deaths of other casts members starts. What is the reason and how the suspense got revealed at the end of the story line? You have to watch the movie to know the answer. No spoilers here!