Aishwarya Narkar

Other names of Aishwarya Narkar: Aishwaraya Narkar

Aishwarya Narkar is a prominent Marathi actress, producer and director. She was born on 10th May, 1970. She studied in Swami Vivekanand High School Dombivali and attended University of Mumbai for her graduation.

She is married to Marathi TV Actor Avinash Narkar Avinash Narkar is a multitalented Actor of the Mar >> Read More... Avinash Narkar . She is very well known for her appearance in ‘Ghar Grihasti’ (2004), ‘Hou De Jarasa Ushir’ (2012) and the movie ‘Yellow’ (2014).

Her role as “Savitri Garodia”, a mother of four girls, in ‘ Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann’, which was telecast from September 2006 to November 2009 on Zee TV, was highly appreciated. So much so, that, an Arabic dubbed-version was also premiered on Zee Alwan under the name ‘Al Banat Zinat Al Bayt’ meaning- “the girls are the beauty of the house”. The second season of the show was aired on April 16, 2014. She has also acted in a soap opera called ‘ Maayke Se Bandhi Dor Maayke Se Bandhi Dor is a drama soap opera on Star >> Read More... Maayke Se Bandhi Dor ’ which was telecasted on Star Plus from Feb 2011 to Oct-2011.

Since then, she has worked for many Marathi movies. Following are her notable movies, starting from the recent one (All in Marathi language) :

• Yellow (2014)

• Are Avaaj Konacha (2013)

• Hou De Jarasa Ushir (2013)

• Champions (2012)

• Sai Darshan... Ek Anubhav (2010)

• Samaantar (2009)

• Ankaganit Anandach (2009)

• Bandh Premache (2007)

• Swami Maze Daivat (2007)

• Soon Ladki Sasarchi (2005)

• Ranragini (2002)

• Saubhagyakankshini (1974)

She had also acted in ‘Tuch Mazi BhagyaLaxmi’, ‘ Laxmi’, ‘Tighi’, ‘Khatyal Sasu Natal Sun’, ‘Zuluk’, ‘Sawar Re’, which are also critically acclaimed. She also got a best actress award in the 37th Maharashtra State Marathi Film Festival (2005).