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Jaswinder Bhalla

Other names of Jaswinder Bhalla: Jaswinder Singh Bhalla
Jaswinder Bhalla Hindi Actor

Jaswinder Singh Jaswinder Singh is a well-known Ghazal singer, who >> Read More... Bhalla, a faculty at Punjab Agricultural University, is a Punjabi actor chiefly known for his comical roles. Bhalla's career as a professional comedian started in 1998 with Chankata 88. Jaswinder Singh Bhalla debuted in movies with the film Dulla Bhatti, but his comical journey started in his Punjab Agricultural University days where he performed in several University programs. Along with Mukunda Sharma, he released an audio cassette named Chhankata 1988 which marked the beginning of his career as a comedian. Their comical abilities were noticed by Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar during their performance in Pro. Mohan Singh Mela. Jaswinder Singh went on to release more than 27 audio visual material for the Chhankata series with Bal Mukunda Sharma. Jaswinder Singh has also appeared in Punjabi feature films like Jeela Ji, Mahaul Theek Hai, Power Cut, Kabaddi Once Again, Mel Kara De Rabba, Jatt and Juliet, Jatt Airways, Jihne Mera Dil Luteya. His chankatta series has also invited its fair share of controversies. The 2003 instalment of the series was objected to by certain ragi jathas. They accused him of mocking them and asked for apology. The artists did apologize. He was also assaulted by a government office for his satirical take on government.

Another version of this bio...

Jaswant Singh Bhalla, or Jaswant as we all know him, is a famous Punjabi comic and actor. He has obtained Ph. D in Agricultural Science from the Punjab Agricultural University. He is still associated with PAU as Professor on a regular basis. While a scholar at PAU, he used to perform as a stand-up comedian for the programs and functions in the university.

In 1988, alongside his classmate from PAU, Bal Mukund Sharma they released an audio cassette known as Chhankata 1988, where he plays several characters from all walks of life in Punjabi society, this marked the start of his career. Chacha Chatur Singh was one of the protagonists and many other characters such as Bhana, JB, and Taya Fumhan Singh and the jokes revolved around the politics in Punjab and sometimes one the rural-urban divide.

The name of the cassette label Chhankata came from the yearly program performed by both of them at college level. Both of them got observed by the local Doordarshan Kendra, during their performance at a cultural fest on a kind request by Punjabi big shot Jagdev Singh Jassowal. There are 27 audio video cassettes of the Chankata series featuring Neelu Sharma along with Bal Mukund Sharma, the last cassette of the series was released in 2009.

Jaswinder has also shown interest in acting and has featured in many Punjabi films including Jeeja Ji, Mahaul Theek Hai, Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, Apan Phir Milenge, Jatt and Juliet and many more. These are some of his notable works and in most of the films; the story always contains a social message on issues such as female foeticide, unemployment, and substance abuse. Jaswant lives a very ordinary life even after so much of local stardom; he has also performed outside India. He is happily wedded to Parminder Bhalla and has two children a son and a daughter.