Jaswant Singh was born in a Punjabi family from Ludhiana, Punjab. From a very tender age, Jaswant was fanatic about Bollywood and other art forms. He has an  excellent sense of humor since he was a kid as he entertained his friends and family with his mimicry and jokes. He completed his graduation from S.C.D Govt. College, Ludhiana and D.A.V College, Jalandhar.

His talent didn’t go unnoticed as he used to win first prize at youth festival every year during his college time. He was awarded College Color and Roll of Honor for his theater performances. He was active in College Theatre and went on to get Gold Medal in Histrionics and Mimicry. After graduation, he became a part of Raunki Group (a group of comedians) along with Chacha Raunki Ram.

In 2006, he took part in the first ever Punjabi comedy contest called Hasde Hasande Ravo, and he won the title of Comedy King, the show telecasted on MH1. To gain more popularity and to establish himself, he traveled to Mumbai in 2008 and participated in Laughter Challenge 4. During his participation in the show, he allured the audiences and the judges with his impeccable mimicry and stand-up comics.

Apart from stand-up comedy and mimicry, Jaswant is also a good writer, painter, singer, philosopher, voice-over actor, he is a complete package. He has been enthralling and entertaining his fans and viewers across the world with his mesmerizing performances, his astute sense of timing and his lively mimicry of Bollywood actors.

He has since participated in a lot of comedy shows on TV and has tried his luck at acting with some good performances in Punjabi movies. His story of success is truly inspiring, coming from a small town of Punjab and making his presence felt in the TV and Bollywood industry.



Jagdeep Hindi Actor


Jagdeep is a veteran comedian-actor in Hindi cinema. He made his acting debut as a child artiste and was selected to play many pivotal child roles in films of A V M Banners. B R Chopra Films and even K A Abba’s films. Later when he acted in film ‘Sholay’, he immortalized his ‘Soorma Bhopali’ character. He is still popular for his filmy character ‘Soorma Bhopali’. Dialogues from super hit Sholay made him an immortal in the annals of Indian cinema. It is said that Jagdeep was a victim of India’s partition. The partition had made him seek earnings even at a tender age of eight. Primarily, he used to sell small items on the road to eke out a living. Later, he eventually landed in movies, As he was selling small items on the road, filmmaker B R Chopra spotted this young boy on the road and gave him a chance to do a small role in his project ‘Afsana’. He was taken to the floor of shooting where Jagdeep was engaged to do clapping in a scene. It was said that Jagdeep would be given Rs3 for that role. There was another boy too hired to utter some dialogues. He was to be paid Rs 6 for uttering lines, but that boy could not deliver dialogues. Hence, Jagdeep was given a chance to say the dialogues, and he was successful. Jagdeep earned Rs 6, an amount he did not earn whole week even. That is how Jagdeep got into films. He started getting comic roles from Bimal Roy’s Do Bigha Zamin. He has acted so far acted in 251 films in his career spanning over four decades. His memorable roles include in films like ‘Brahmachari’, ‘Qurbani’, ‘Bidaai’, ‘Shahenshah’ etc. It is said that Mehmood's popularity began to decline as other comedy actors like Jagdeep bagged comedy roles in films. Jagdeep’s son, Jaaved Jaafery, is also an established actor, choreographer, TV host, ad filmmaker. He is married to Naseem Begum. Jagdeep was born 29 March 1939 in Kanpur.


Komal Naz

It is very rare that in the entertainment industry one can come across female entertainers, let alone comedians. Komal Naz is one of them. She is a Pakistani stage actress, who was born and brought up in Pakistan. Komal, from a very early age, was enthusiastic towards performing onstage. Being a female she went through rejections, but didn’t give up. It is her courage and perspective that allowed her to become a performer onstage and become massively recognized. The versatility in her expressiveness and her strong comic timing makes her an outstanding artist amongst others. The performances she has done so far include Ticket to Hollywood in 2009, Aashiqui Meri Teri in 2008, a parody of the movie ‘Devdas’, and her latest was Kamli in 2014. Other than acting, she is also known for her onstage Mujra. Mujra is dance form which originated during the Mughal era. It was considered to be vulgar as it was mostly performed by courtesans to impress the kings. Her journey was not an easy one. In a conservative country like Pakistan, where women are not even allowed to be educated, Komal has made a mark for herself, being the sole female entertainer in the industry. She is proud of everything she has achieved so far. She is still on stage performing, dancing and entertaining the world, making a niche for herself. In the future her name will be taken for all those females who might think less of themselves; it is high time that we have equality in everything and anything.

Komal Naz Hindi Actress