Ram Devan is one of the high-priced choreographer, known for his work in Bhojpuri cinema. His choreographing always has received praises from critic and he has set a new trend of dancing in many hit Bhojpuri movies. Born in Salem, in Tamil Nadu, the choreographer is currently based in Mumbai and is looking for some work in Bollywood movies too. It may be noted that many Bhojpuri dancers like veteran Padma Khanna Padma Khanna is a renowned Indian actress and dire >> Read More... Padma Khanna who had performed some sizzling numbers in Bollywood were once a part of Bhojpuri cinema.

Later she established herself as a dancer and actress in Bollywood replacing Bindu and Helen in 70’s. Even Anuraag Kashyap sometime ropes in Bhojpuri choreographer for his movies that need the flavor of traditional Bhojpuri dance and songs. Ram Devan made his debut in Bhojpuri cinema as a choreographer in 2009 with a movie titled ‘Garda Garda Kaile Badu Jabse Bhailur Jawan’ and in the year 2011, he was roped in another Bhojpuri movie ‘Sajan Chale Sasural’.

Later on, he took a break from the movies and again made a comeback in 2016 with two super-duper Bhojpuri hit movies ' Gharwali Baharwali It is a Hindi comic daily soap that aired Monday t >> Read More... Gharwali Baharwali ' and 'Beta'. In 2017, one of his movie ‘ Satya Click to look into! >> Read More... Satya ’ has released and another two movies named ‘ Dhadkan Click to look into! >> Read More... Dhadkan ’ and ‘Mohabat’ had witnessed a release in July 2017. After the success of ‘Baahubali’, even Bhojpuri cinema seems to be influenced by historic dramas. His one movie ‘ Rangeela Click to look into! >> Read More... Rangeela ’ in Bhojpuri is still under production. Ram Devan has choreographed in one of the Hindi movie named “Yeh Kaisi Hai Aashiqui" along with another choreographer Ashwin Mastarji Ashwin Mastarji is an Indian dance choreographer w >> Read More... Ashwin Mastarji . As many Bhojpuri actors and directors have been successful in Bollywood, one has to wait and watch whether Ram Devan’s luck click in Bollywood too.

Ashwin Mastarji Hindi Actor

Ashwin Mastarji

Ashwin Mastarji is an Indian dance choreographer working in Gujarati films. He is best known for his choreography in numerous Gujarati movies. He established folk dancing and Garba-style dance numbers. He is more known for his work with actor Jagdish Thakor, Jignesh Modi and Kishan Thakor, a most notable film like 'Agni Pariksha'(2015), 'Taro Sur Mara Geet Ek Sangeetmay Prem Katha' (2015) and 'Lohi Ni Sagar' (2016) etc. He was born in Gujarat but tried his luck even in Hindi movies. There was one Hindi movie ‘'Yeh Kaisi Hai Aashiqui' (2015) which had flopped at the box office. His choreography in the Hindi movie was a sensational one, but it did not get noticed at all. Even in Gujarati movies, the dance sequences are being copied in Bollywood style and Gujarati traditional songs are overlooked by the filmmakers. But it is Ashwin Mastarji has kept the folk dance numbers intact in all his movies. His one of the movie ‘Maa Ne Vahlo Dikaro Dikrane Vahali Maa’ with megastar Naresh Kanodia, Hitu Kanodia, and Pranja Bhat was a box-office hit. In this movie, his dance sequence was a slow-paced one, he also brought the concept of modern garba where he made use of Dandiya Raas, a dance that is traditionally performed by men with lavish costumes. But he gave chances for both men and women to perform so that the dance men and women performed has the high-energy level that is seen today in Gujarati movies. We hardly hope Ashwin Mastarji can make his luck shine in Hindi movies. Gone are those days, when dancers like P.L.Raj gave scope to folk songs which were performed by dancer like Asha Parekh in Hindi movies.