Floriana Lima English Actress

Floriana Lima was born on March 26th in 1981. She is an American actress. She played Maggie Sawyer in The CW's Supergirl. She started her starring career with The Darcy Cooper in season 2 of the ABC drama A Million Little Things, and she was promoted to the main character of season 3. Floriana was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the daughter of Dennis Lima and Angela Maynard. She is originally from Italy, Ireland, English, Spain, and Portugal. She later decided to move to Los Angeles to study acting.

He played a recurring role in the NBC Allegiance (2015) spy series, was a regular in the ABC drama The Family Click to look into! >> Read More... The Family (2016), and had a recurring role in Fox Lethal Weapon's action drama from 2016 to 2018. Detective Maggie Sawyer for the second and third season of Supergirl's The CW. Lima played the role in 2018 of a psychiatrist Krista Dumont in the second season of Netflix's The Punisher. She joined the second season of ABC’s A Million Little Things as a military veteran and health doctor Darcy Cooper. He became a regular in season 3 (2021).

Floriana Lima was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He studied communications at Ohio State University and thought he would get into investigative journalism. After graduation, she worked as a product assistant at NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio. That’s when he realized he wanted to switch gears to camera work. She moved to LA shortly after that and started booking acting jobs. Lima soon established himself as one of the new faces on television. She played Maggie Sawyer, a National Police detective with a strong interest in foreign cases. She has played Miranda Riggs in many episodes of the Fox Lethal Weapon series. Also, he was in the ABC political drama, The Family. Lima wrote, produced, and starred in the comedy series Girls Guide to LA.

She took reading lessons at Ohio State University. Floriana is in a relationship with actress Casey Affleck. They graduated from Fairfield High School in Ohio in 1999. It covers a quarter of the Italian mountains (including Sicilian). His paternal grandmother was born in Ireland, Germany, and England. His surname, Lima, comes from Sicily, where his great-grandfather Joseph Lima was born. Her interests include cooking, fitness, fashion, and interior design.