She was dubbed the “Pop Princess” before Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears or Britney Spears is an Americ >> Read More... Britney Spears . She sold millions of albums and gained media attention for her non-stop world-tour. She is often-remarkable with her sweet and pleasant girl in interviews and TV-Show appearances.

Born as Kylie Ann Minogue on May 28, 1968 from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She gained popularity first from the Australian TV soap opera “ Neighbors Click to look into! >> Read More... Neighbors ” as a boyish-like mechanic. She also appeared in the film “The Delinquents, Street Fighter as Cammy, Bio-Dome, Moulin Rouge, Jack and Diane, Holy Motors and San Andres.” Minogue was branded the “Goddess of Pop” long before other your pop-singers evolved. She respect in the humanitarian works by performing and donating huge volume of money to any charitable institutions that he chose.

She was cited to be the one who influenced other group female-artists. She was the first young singer to uphold positive criticisms and a real-life role model for any upcoming young artists. Fans were saddened when she exposed and openly discussed her situation about her breast cancer. Instead of having depressing words, he received numerous citations and words of perseverance for her to fight and even from the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard that they are supporting the idol to fight for breast cancer.

With this expose, Minogue brought an immediate call to young female to go regular breast mammography to prevent early stages of cancer. Doctor’s around the world commended Minogue and even received the “honorary Doctor of Health Science degree by Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom” for speaking freely for others and encouraging them to have routine check-ups and for raising awareness. She was listed to be one of “The Most Successful Woman” in entertainment industry. She earned a place at the “ARIA Hall of Fame.”  She received awards from Brit and Grammy Awards.
Sophie Dahl English Actress

Sophie Dahl

Born as Sophie Holloway, popular as Sophie Dahl, came into being on 15th September 1977. Sophie Dahl is a remarkable author and a former style model. Sophie is born and brought up in London. Sophie is born into a family of famous personalities, starting with her father, Julian Holloway, an actor, her mother Tessa Dahl, writer. Roald Dahl is her grandfather, the famous children’s author. She is married to Jamie Cullum, who is a singer. They got married on 9th January 2010. She has two daughters, named Lyra and Margot. Sophie and her family are presently in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. She made her debut, as a writer with the novel The Man with the Dancing Eyes, in the year 2003. Her first publication was well appreciated by the critics and this gave her the boost to go for the second one, entitled Playing With the Grown-Ups, in the year 2008. Sophie’s Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delight, which was a recipe book, was made a six-part series for BBC 2 named The Delicious Miss Dahl. Sophie walked her first in the-the London’s Fashion Week, in the year 1997. Isabella Blow, the lead stylist for Vogue, the magazine then, had found her and helped her establish the successful modeling career that she owns now. Isabella had signed her for various catwalk campaigns such as Mc Queen, Pringle, Versace, etc. While working as a model for Vogue, she also wrote for the magazine, which got her the Jasmine Award for her column about Scents, in the year 2012. After this, she started writing for publications like the American Vogue, The Telegraph, the Saturday times, etc. She also filmed a documentary about Isabella Beeton, the Victorian cook. This documentary was broadcasted on BBC 2. This beautiful lady is known for her grace in the modeling industry and her knowledge of expression through words.