Samreen Farooqui English Actress

A producer and director with more than ten years of experience making non-fiction movies and videos for the internet. She attended Delhi University's St. Stephen's College to study. She is a resident of Karnataka's Bangalore. Through tales of shifting socio-political realities, wildlife and environment, urban life, and technology, her work depicts India as a change. She is Round Glass Sustain's creative director for video content. She is a filmmaker with more than ten years of experience producing non-fiction material. She has traveled much throughout her life for work, but her present wanderlust looks for quiet places and Commissioning Editor at Round Glass Sustain. A multimedia-rich source about India's natural environment is sustaining. Round Glass Sustain presents tales of India's biodiversity, the creatures that dwell there, and the ecosystems that support them as a repository of wildlife photographs, documentaries, and data.

She co-founded the Hit and Runs film company and has worked on feature-length documentaries, client-based advocacy, and research using immersive interviewing, intervention films, and ethnography. Working alongside Sanjay Barnala as co-director, cinematographer, and editor is Samreen Farooqui. A movie about female musicians in India is currently being co-directed and edited by her. Hit and Run Films, which works with shifting socio-political-personal realities through documentaries, video art, and intervention films, was formed in 2005 by Farooqui and Shabani Hassan Walia. Khel Khel Mein Khel Khel Mein is a reality sports show aired week >> Read More... Khel Khel Mein (2006), Tsunamika (2006), The Living Words (2006), Life of a Bada Saab (2007), Video Art for Teddy Boy Kill (2008), and Out of Thin Air are only a few of the films in her filmography (all short) (2009, doc, co-dir).