Ijaz Ahmed English Actor

Ijaz Ahmed was a cricketer from Pakistan. He took birth on 20th of September in 1968. He has played a total of 60 tests. He has completed 250 one day internationals, in the duration of 1986-2001. In his team, he had the lowest average in batting. He had 38 as his test average whereas 32 was his ODI average. He has made six test centuries and this was against the world’s top ranked side. He did this for much of the timing in his career. This was his record for Pakistan, playing against Australia.

In test series, he usually had the lowest scores. In 33 out of 92 innings, he had the scores in single figures and in the 54 matches, he had below 20. He came to the national side and was there till the height of the Imran Khan Imran Khan is an Indian film actor, who is famous >> Read More... Imran Khan era and nearly for the duration of a decade, stayed on the fringes. After getting good scores, he struggled in order to get the consistency. His captain had very less patience for this. He was dropped after the World Cup of 1992. He worked for this game and came back strong in the coming season. Then he worked to establish himself at the one down position.

After his return, one other player Younis Khan came in the team, who was matching his determination but had more talent than Ijaz, and this made his position doubtful. Upon this, his unimpressive matches against the England and New Zealand teams during 2000-2001, sealed his fate. He was punctual in ODI and his 250 matches record was the seventh highest in the Pakistan record. During 1992, he won the World Cup and he has made his appearance in a total of 4 World Cups. While talking about his achievements in career, he has got fame as a powerful hitter. He got 10 centuries in ODI.

He has also remained the part of the powerful play with countries like Australia, England, India, South Africa, etc. He used to handle Indian attacks by Indian bowlers in a very nice way. He has the best record of getting 9 sixes in 68 balls, and overall making 139 runs. This is his highest ODI score against India. He was the best fielder in Pakistan for the World Cup that was played during 1999 from 14th of May to 20th of June. In the first match during 1990, he got injured and so this put a negative impact on other matches. As a result of this, he got dropped out from his next match with Scotland.