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Bengali Producer Paramita Banerjee
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Paramita Banerjee is a renowned producer. After earning a master's degree in English literature, Paramita, who was born and reared in Kolkata, relocated to London in 1997. She had several student executive posts throughout her time in school and at university, demonstrating early recognition of her inherent leadership talents. From a very young age, she treasured her love of the arts, particularly music, theatre, and film. She had a strong affection for Satyajit Ray, an Indian filmmaker who won an Oscar. In addition, Paramita is a talented and well-known artist in her own right. She sings Indian music and gives performances all over the world. She has written for several periodicals.

She spent several years in London working as a Senior Financial Consultant in a prestigious UK financial institution before quitting her job in 2008 to focus on her music and film careers. Since 1998, Paramita and Amit have worked together on musicals, dance theatre productions, and short films. She acquired training in producing films at London's Raindance Independent Film School as their shared enthusiasm and interest in " World Cinema World Cinema is a special kind of news and informa >> Read More... " increased. The majority of Amit's short films and documentaries from 2007–2008 have been produced by Paramita. Her first independent feature film, Bridge, was done with a small budget but a cast and crew from all over the world who were incredibly committed and motivated.


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